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Must-Read: Watch These Supposedly “Good” Sex Moves

Ah, sex moves. As we’ve noted in this space over and over and over and over again, they are a boon to the men’s magazine and website industry. All you need to do is place the word “sex” in a post or article, and it’s going to get an extra 100,000 hits. This is pure science. But then if you actually add the word “tips” right after that, people are going to click that even more, seeing as everyone is always in the market for a sex tip here and there. If it’s going to help your act in the bedroom, if you’re going to get her coming back for more and more, then why the hell wouldn’t you click it?

Don't do it!

However, there is a catch to some of these. People enjoy writing these articles so much, that there’s certainly a whole lot more “sex tips” out there than actual “tips that help you have sex.” There’s a lot of those tips that actually don’t, you know, fucking work! Which is why we’re highlighting this piece over at Men’s Fitness today, that tries to separate the actual good ones from the junk. It goes through 5 tips that men THINK women like, but actually they hate them terribly. So pay attention and make sure you don’t do these. For example, one to stay away from:

The Marathon Man

The seven-hour myth of Sting has been debunked. Not every woman is capable of multiple orgasms, nor does she necessarily want it to go on and on and on. Sometimes, it’s a far better thing for you to come, than it is to attempt to make her come again?or even at all. Heresy, right? Not really. Intercourse does not have to lead to female orgasm 100 percent of the time. As long as it doesn?t become a recurring theme, it?s not the end of the world. Again, focus on the game, rather than the score, and pleasure will be achieved. (She can always get herself off later, and if you?re nice, she may even let you watch.)

That one, well, that’s actually a tremendous relief! So head on over to the above link and check out the other four sex non-tips. Good luck!

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