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Top Five Movies of Tara Reid

If you can?t tell from the essays that I write, I like lists and right now I?m doing my third entry in the top five actresses from ?American Pie? and their top five movies with the lovely Tara Reid.

Tara Reid, still attractive

I know that after ?High Fidelity? the classic Nick Hornby novel, top five lists can be a bit trite. However, I think what draws me to them the most is comparing my lists to other people?s lists. My favorite list to compare is the top five beautiful celebrity women at any time. Asking people to name their top five celebrity women gives you an insight into their ?type.? It may not be the girls a guy pursues or they date, but it is some sort of clue to their preferences. Skinny. Blonde. Nice asses. Whatever. Once you start to discuss those girls and what makes them worthy of a top five list, you?ll find out more about what you and your friends find attractive. Maybe it?s a way to motivate yourself when you?re out and about.

Anyway, I mention this because for quite a few years Tara had a very prominent place in my top five list. When I think about what made her attractive, it mostly had to do with those piercing blue eyes. But, after playing this game with a few of my close friends, I realized what made her attractive to me: she has a cute face. The more I talk to guys about their lists, the more that idea comes to the fore. A cute face probably has those traits that science proves to have a correlation with good genes. Men are probably drawn to these faces like hamburgers are drawn to cheese because our genes have told us that for centuries.

Of course, genetics also probably will start to weed that out of us if those cute faces keep appearing on reality shows like ?Taradise.? (I bet it will only take a couple of generations, Charles Darwin be damned.) Even though Tara has fallen from my elite list of beauties, I still find that she has done some pretty cool movies. (Pay no attention to ?Alone in the Dark? which I seem to mention more than I should.) Here is the list of my top five for Tara.

5. Dr. T and the Women

This is far from Robert Altman?s best movie. It?s also far from his good movies. Still, because it?s Altman, there are a few good moments. All of the pretty women, including Tara, Liv Tyler and Kate Hudson, also make it easy on the eyes if nothing else.

4. Cruel Intentions

But, as much as I like Liv and Kate, they have nothing on Sarah Michelle Gellar, Reese Witherspoon and Selma Blair to go with Tara. Therefore, #4.

3. American Pie

It?s the third essay on the lovely women of ?American Pie? so trust my OCD self that this is the appropriate ranking.

2. Josie and the Pussycats

Rosario Dawson, Rachel Leigh Cook and Tara make up the eponymous band and I know this is not that good of a movie. But, darn it, it?s a lot of fun. It?s just a joy to watch pretty women having a great time on the screen. (The same logic got me to?Mena Suvari?s #2 movie as well.)

1. The Big Lebowski

?I?ll suck your cock for a thousand dollars.? Yeah. The Dude abides with his self-control better than I would as long as I could trade a slightly pee-stained rug for a thousand dollars. I?d do it even if Brandt watched.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Tara Reid top five?

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