Must-See: Dollar Shave Club

Shaving: It sucks. You have to spend oodles of money on razors, end up forgetting to pick up new ones so that the old blades you have just tear your face to shreds, and it just takes too goddamn much time. (These are all part of the reasons why we’ve been with a full beard for the past 4 years; it’s less about looking cool and more about just being terribly lazy.) So when this little notice about the Dollar Shave Club entered our mailbox, we were skeptical. But then, well, they made this awesome video, and we’re kind of suckers for videos, so we thought we’d share it with you:

There’s not really a whole lot else we can mention that the video doesn’t cover. For a low, low price you get a new razor shipped to you every money. And it’s not one of those 18-blades on both sides things that will leave way too many ingrown hairs on your face (or, if you’re using your razor on, let’s say, more sensitive areas that are not your face, ingrown hairs there as well), but just a normal razor. One that’ll work.

So is this deal for you? Who knows. You are the only one that can make that decision. But, now you know about it, and knowing is half the battle. Or whatever the saying is.

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