Top Five Movies of Shannon Elizabeth

In my memory, there are two iconic moments to the first ?American Pie.? One moment is Jim (Jason Biggs) getting caught in the kitchen by his father with his penis in a pie. The other is Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth, who is the 4th beautiful actress that I?m looking at in preparation for the release of ?American Reunion?) stripping in front of the webcam. I think it is because of those moments that I associate those two actors in particular with this movie. Why? It?s the first time either of those actors stuck in my brain. Thomas Ian Nicholas is ?Rookie of the Year,? Seann William Scott is ?Dude, Where?s My Car?? Tara Reid is ?The Big Lebowski,? and so on. I also think that those two moments are what make ?American Pie? such a memorable teen movie.

The gorgeous part of the Pie

When I think of teen comedies, they are mostly coming of age movies and there are two things that I think are necessary: embarrassment from virginity and titillation. ?Animal House? has Bluto looking in a sorority window and Otter making out with a girl in the backseat of a car outside a roadhouse among a few different titillating moments while the virgin is Pinto. (?Why Pinto?? ?Why not??) ?Porky?s? has the shower scene and I?m sure one of the characters has to be trying to lose his virginity. (I?ve never got past the shower scene with that movie, so I can?t say for sure.) Other movies that come to mind include ?The Sure Thing,? ?Better Off Dead,? ?Revenge of the Nerds? and ?Real Genius.? Definitely some are better than the others as is the case of any list of movies in a genre. (I?m partial to ?Better Off Dead? and ?Real Genius,? though both of those don?t have much in the way of titillation.) Speaking of better than others, here are the top movies for Shannon.

5. American Pie 2

This marks the first appearance of the sequel to ?American Pie? on any list. I won?t promise that it will be the last.

4. American Pie

#4 for #4. (Anyone with OCD would be very proud of me right now. Knock three times if you agree.)

3. Scary Movie

Part of me wants to hate this movie because it spawned such movies as ?Date Movie,? ?Epic Movie? and ?Disaster Movie? as it seemed every year of the 2000s meant a new parody movie. Still, with Shannon and Anna Faris and an original at the time idea, I can still enjoy watching the first movie in this series.

2. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

I go back and forth between this movie and ?Mallrats? as my favorite Kevin Smith movie. I know when I saw this one in the theater I laughed my butt off. I haven?t seen it since, because I tried to watch ?Clerks? again recently and it didn?t age well for me. I?ll keep this as a laugh-out-loud favorite in my head.

1. Love Actually

One of my favorite Christmas based entertainments (it ranks below ?Scrooged,? Chuck Jones? take on the Grinch and the claymation ?Community? episode ?Abed?s Uncontrollable Christmas?) I like most of the actors and most of the stories within the movie. There?s something sweet about the Wisconsin story for Colin, however the treat is in the mind of the viewers as he meets Shannon, January Jones and Elisha Cuthbert. Never have I wanted to go to Milwaukee so bad. (Though as an American, I realize this is truly fiction.)

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Shannon Elizabeth top five?


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