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Summer’s Around the Corner: Let’s Make It Happen

I can imagine it now. Drinks on the beach. Telling stories to each other to pass the time as we watch the 5am sunrise. Partying day and night without a care in the world. That?s right – summer is around the corner. And now?s the time to step our game up …

It?s a Different Atmosphere

Get on our there!

It seems as if everyone is just so much happier when the weather is nice. People ditch the videos games and movies, and dust off their bikini?s and swimming trunks. Women seemingly come out of hibernation and parade around in these sexy ass skirts and tiny outfits and pour into bars and nightclubs in bunches. And come late night those girls are a lot more inclined to let those panties come flying off, let me tell you. Man, do I fucking love summer.

Make it the Best Summer of Your Life

Every time May rolls around I say to myself, ?I want to make this the best summer of my life.? This year I?m not even waiting until May. The time is now.

Join me and use summer as motivation to do something that you?ve wanted to do for a past few years, but haven?t had the chance. It could be hitting the gym at 5am and getting back into shape. Possibly it?s taking a dance class and loosening those hips.? Or maybe you?re done trying to bring home girls every night and you want to parade around all summer with the girl of your dreams.

Whatever it is, you need to start now. Work Hard Play hard. Stop making excuses for not reaching your goals and make it happen.

Put Together A Plan

Instead of jerking off today, take 5 minutes and write down everything you would like to accomplish by the end of summer, or whatever date you choose. It doesn?t have to be an elaborate document, but the more detail you get the better.

And every morning when you wake up take read through your goals. Change a few words here and there if you?d like. By reading them in the morning you start your day off knowing exactly what you need to do, and you?ll take steps in the right direction. After a few days those goals are going to be all that you think about and you?ll find yourself actively working towards them rather than saying to yourself, ?Eh, I?ll just wait until next year.?

Let?s make this the best summer of our lives boys?

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