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Must-Read: Cologne or Aftershave?

What's the difference?

We are ashamed to admit this, but we really don’t know the difference between cologne and aftershave. Yes, you put on aftershave AFTER YOU SHAVE, hence the name, but is that all? We’ve seen guys use aftershave on their faces without once getting a razor to shave their stubble? And cologne? You use that when you want to smell nice or are heading out for a date, but when exactly is the best time to use it? And don’t get us started on trying to figure out what the hell eau di toilette is, or whatever, seeing as for the longest time we felt it was just toilet water people were putting on their faces.

Thing is, we’re not the only ones who can’t distinguish between the various kinds of scents and varieties to stick on your face and other needing-to-smell-pleasant extremities. Which is why today we’re highlighting this article by regarding their “Scent Guide” which tries to explain the difference. For example:

Seasoned groomers will know that there are far better ways to soothe a freshly shaven jawline than dousing it with alcohol. Yet aftershaves, which usually contain 1% to 3% perfume oil and a whole lot of alcohol, are still widely available (perhaps because the word has become so ingrained in the male consciousness). The low concentration of perfume oil makes aftershaves ideal for guys who are still a little shy about wearing a scent. The fragrance is unlikely to be too overpowering or to linger for very long.

Click on over to see the differences of the other various things that us gentlemen put on our faces. But it all brings up the question, which one do you prefer, gents? And why? Please leave all of your feedback in the comments below and let’s get this cologne and aftershave party started!

(It’s not really going to be that fun of a party. But, still.)

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