Top Five Movies of Chloe Sevigny

I haven?t seen four of Chloe Sevigny?s roles ? one famous, two notorious and the last infamous. Just like many shows televised on HBO (or for that matter Showtime) I never watched ?Big Love? and therefore never saw Chloe play Nicollette Grant. However, with Chloe, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Ginnifer Goodwin in the cast, I could see it eventually ending up in my Netflix queue. Two films from filmmaker Larry Clark make up the notorious roles for Chloe: Dot in ?Gummo? and Jennie in ?Kids.? Though they are probably somewhat a product of their times, I am curious about both, particularly ?Kids? as it also stars Rosario Dawson. The last role, Daisy in the film ?The Brown Bunny,? will never end up in my queue. Supposedly, Chloe gives filmmaker Vincent Gallo a blowjob on camera. Besides that, all I hear about this movie is how boring it is. If the blowjob is the most talked about scene in it, then it can?t have much interest for me.

However, I have seen a lot of the rest of Chloe?s filmography and there are some great ones present. It took a bit, but here are the five that I consider the best.

5. Boys Don?t Cry


Chloe got an Academy Award nomination for this story about a transgender teen in Nebraska. Hilary Swank won an Academy Award for her role as Brandon Teena. Because of the quality of the acting and the subject material, it just makes sense for it to be on the list. However, I think the movie has a few flaws, including a kind of Lifetime Movie of the week feel, but those are just small quibbles with a pretty decent movie.

4. Zodiac

I think my editor would kill me as I parked on a secluded stretch of road if this movie didn?t make the list. However, it?s a pretty easy decision because I?m a fan of the exploration behind the mind of serial killers in popular culture. (Just writing that makes me feel morbid ? but it?s a curiosity that I have ? I just bought Jeff Jensen?s ?Green River Killer? and recently finished Bill James?s ?Popular Crime? and have read several of John Douglas?s books on profiling.)

3. Broken Flowers

If Chloe had a bigger role in this hilarious movie from Bill Murray and Jim Jarmusch, it would easily be number one. Still, Chloe being in it for just a little while makes me smile and makes it worthy of at least third place.

2. Dogville

I can?t say that I remember smiling once in ?Dogville.? I could be wrong, as most of Lars von Trier?s movies (even ?Melancholia?) have a couple of moments of levity here and there (or throughout in the case of ?The Idiots?). It?s a bit experimental in its set design (that may be my biggest understatement ever) as a warning, but the performances make it gripping.

1. Shattered Glass

I love a good story about the press and press ethics. Not only do you have Chloe, you also have Hayden Christensen. I know what you?re saying, after episode II and III of the Star Wars prequels, Christensen can never be a good thing. Trust me. He hits the role of Stephen Glass perfectly.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Chloe Sevigny top five?

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