Must-Read: Spicing Up Your Sex Life

We’ve already extolled the virtues and general annoyingness of a plenty of sex tips, which, in most cases, simply tells us to stick our whats in the whos, without ever really giving us, like, TIPS we can actually use. But we still try our best to locate actual legitimate sex tips from around the web every now and then, and today’s link is a doozy worth checking out.

Sex tips!

It’s an article over at Men’s Health where the author, like so many of us in long-term relationships, just kind of stops getting into having sex. But instead of just giving up and settling for “this is how things are now,” he actually makes the conscious effort to change the problem and try to find a solution. What he’s left with is an extremely personal and riveting account of his trying out various sex devices and things as he tries to get randy back in the bedroom. It is, as you’d imagine, pretty compelling, and that’s evidenced nicely by this interesting little section about his attempts at using lube:

But first, let me expound on the wonders of lube. Of all the suggestions, personal lubricant had the most surprising outcome. We each felt it was unnecessary?we’re only in our mid-30s!?and I suppose for us it is. But many of the best things in life are unnecessary. Lube changes the way sex feels, and in a very good way.

Of the three types we’ve tried, we each have a favorite. I like the friction-less feel of silicone-based lube, while she prefers the water-based lubricant, which feels more natural. Neither of us really cares for the “natural stimulating lubricant” that is supposed to heighten sensitivity, but it was fun to try. My advice: Buy any and all lube that intrigues you, and make a night of it. Some will work for you and others might not, but slipping and sliding around with someone you care for is never a bad move.

For more, head on over to the above link. And never have boring sex again!

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