How To Get “Same Night Lays” Online 7 Steps

Getting laid on the first date is something that appeals to almost every guy, for obvious reasons…

Particularly if you haven’t had too many “one night stands” or “same night lays” the idea of bedding a chick you just met can be pretty damn tantalizing. So, to that end I’ve decided to write up this quick start guide for how to get “same night lays” online…

Step #1 Email Women Regularly

If you are only sending out a stray email here and there, then chances are you won’t be getting a lot of dates online, and even less “same night lays”. Yes, If your profile is totally kick-asS then yeah, you’ll have women emailing you first. But most guys never get their profiles to this level, so you need to be proactive about contacting women.

I recommend sending out at least twenty emails a week depending on what kind of hit rate you are getting. If you send twenty emails you should realistically be getting 2-10+ numbers a week which is more than enough to keep you busy. Just be sure to contact women who have had recent activity on their accounts, sending messages to girls who haven’t logged on in weeks or months is just a waste of time.

Step #2 Work Fast

Get it done

The key to getting dates online is to work fast and strike while the iron is hot. Once you’ve got a girl responding to your emails, it’s time to take things offline and get a date set up. Everyday I get emails from guys saying stuff like, “Everything starts out so well, but after the 5th or 6th email I lose them”…

There shouldn’t be a fifth or sixth email. If you get to that point you’ve become her “email buddy” and then from there you quickly become “that guy who’s stalking me on Match”

Step #3 Get Her On The Phone

While it’s very important to learn about how to text a girl to keep the attraction alive in between dates, in this situation I suggest calling her up the old fashioned way for a brief phone conversation.

This way you can set up the date more easily, and you’ll also get a chance to hear her voice and verify that she is actually cool to talk to. So, as soon as you get the number call her up and get her talking. You should assume that since she gave you her number that she’ll be willing to meet up, so rather than asking for the date right away take this opportunity to screen her a little bit by asking her questions about herself. A lot of dating advice will tell you to stay away from asking “interview mode” questions, but I’ve found that if you ask questions the right way it can actually cause her to feel attraction as she works for your approval.

Step #4 Handle Logistics

If you are looking to sleep with your date on the very first night then it’s important that you take her to a venue that will help rather than hindering your chances. I recommend a quiet romantic bar/lounge where you can sit next to her rather than looking at her from across the table. I’d also suggest bringing her to a place near your home so that you can bring her back there without needing to make a long trip.

Step #5 Skip The “Nice Guy” BS

There are a number of old fashioned “nice guy” things that guys do to try to impress their dates. Stuff that your mom might suggest like giving her flowers, agreeing with everything that she says, and buying her a fancy dinner. These things will only get you lumped into the same group of “nice guys” that she never slept with, on the first date or otherwise.

Instead, focus your energy on forming a real connection with her that transcends the ordinary first date yacking. Your goal should be to engage with her emotionally, and bring out the fun and sexual side of her personality.

Step #6 Warm Her Up Physically

Before you can sleep with her you need to kiss her and before you can kiss her you need to be touching her… So get started early and touch her often. You don’t want to go overboard here and grope her like an octopus, but be sure to establish the fact that you are comfortable touching her early on in your date so that you don’t shock her later on.

Step #7 Bounce Back To “Da Crib”…

In most cases you need to bring a girl back to your place before you can sleep with her which is why it’s important that the venue where you meet her isn’t too far away. The thing to remember here is the concept of ‘plausible deniability” in other words you need to give her an excuse for going back to your place (other than sex) so that she can justify this decision to herself. If you simply ask her back without giving her a good reason (such as watching the sunset on your roof deck) it’s like you are just asking her “wanna F^ck?”… and that’s usually a little too forward.

I recently saw a statistic that said that 1 in 3 women on dating sites is open to having sex on the first date. And from my own experience that number is probably more like 2 out of 3, or 3 out of 4…



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