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Must-Read: Why She Cheats


Cheating is the worst. Not only is your whole relationship shattered, and you’re left picking back up the pieces of your life, but also your entire world-view is destroyed. What you once thought was solid was really anything but, and now you’re forced to look at the rest of your life through this prism of mistrust. It is, truly, one of the worst parts of dating and any relationship of any kind.

And while there’s not really any “excuses” there are common reasons that lead people to cheating. When asked why they would do it, cheaters do come up with a common collection of excuses. And, since knowledge is power, we thought we’d fill you in on some of these reasons. Which is why today we’re highlighting this little piece from Men’s Health about why your girlfriend/wife/whoever will decide to cheat on you. There are, as you’d expect, quite a few eye-opening reasons. For instance:

Excitement is key
It’s easy to assume that an active sex life equals a happy mate. But that’s not always the case: Gilmore reports that many of his married bed-mates complained of “Amish sex”?plain and monotonous. In a recent University of Nevada at Las Vegas study, women partly blamed predictable sex on their husbands’ familiarity with their bodies?which, ironically, was once a turn-on. But the scientists discovered that familiarity wasn’t as much of a problem as lack of emotion was. “I call it his checklist. I can tell you the moves he’s going to make. He can get me off, but it’s sex. It’s not making love,” said one study participant.

But then, instead of just telling you about it and learning to live with it, the piece goes on to explain what to do to fix it. In the above case:

Your Move: Go dirty.

Beyond that, well, you’re going to have to check out the link above to get more advice than that.

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