PUA Vs. Closer

As I?ve become more acclimated with the dating industry, I?ve noticed a distinct difference in the viewpoint of the majority of writers, teachers and instructors. They?re teachings are either geared towards the Pick-up Artist mentality and they describe meeting women with detailed intricacies coining words like neg, validate, and kino, or they avoid the PUA terminology all together and focus on a ?natural? approach with topics like personality and mentality resonating in their writings. Often times these different approaches lead to a lot of clashing between the two styles. It?s understandable.

Personally I think both perspectives bring useful insights to industry, but I feel as if the most glaring difference between the two sides is seen when you?re actually out there in the field trying to meet women.

The Pick Up Artist

Close it down!

There?s no denying that the PUA treats the entire experience of finding girls like a game. They love talking about hooking up with chicks almost as much as the act itself. Meeting and hooking up with girls is the absolute only thing on their minds from the second they walk into the club, and that?s exactly why you will sit back in awe and watch as they approach a countless number of women. PUA?s are constantly looking for signals trying to get validation from women and when they find something that works, they won?t hesitate to use it over and over again. It?s almost like they?re an actor and the night scene is their stage. It?s common for them to use rehearsed material and when it works it looks as though getting a girl in the easiest thing in the world. For lack of a better word, a legit PUA is a ?professional? on the dating scene.


On the other end of the spectrum you have your closers – guys who will refuse to let the night end unless they have a girl lying next to them. These guys can careless how many girls they talk to because they know in the back of their minds they only need one. They approach the dating scene like an assassin sitting back and waiting for the perfect opportunity to sweep a girl right off of her feet. When you?re watching a closer in action, it almost seems like they let things come to them, but make no mistake about it, when the opportunity they were eyeing down presents itself, they jump on it without hesitation.

You might see a closer in action and say to yourself, ?This guy hasn?t spoken to a chick the entire night! He just stands there talking to his friend. It?s almost gay!? but fifteen minutes passes by and he?s waiting on the taxi line with a girl drooling all over him. A closer is the ultimate seducer.

Decision Time

I could never declare which side is better because it not only depends on the individual, but also on the situation. There have been nights where I was running around faster than Usain Bolt talking to every girl that gets in my way like a savage, and there?s those nights where I have one girl on my mind and I wait for that perfect opportunity to make a clever move.

I enjoy everything that both worlds have to offer and at the end of the day just use what works for you. As long as we?re meeting new women and enjoying ourselves, fuck it, we are all winners. So don?t get caught up in the saga and just focus on getting girls because in reality, what else matter?

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