Must-Read: Here are the Best Superhero Movies of All Time

Perhaps you heard about this little movie that came out last weekend. The Avenge — something? Avengemenders? Balendgers? Verlanders? Something like that. Anyway, it’s kind of a big deal, apparently, seeing as everyone in the world has been talking about it and seeing it. Did you see it? Did you enjoy it? (Leave your review in the comments below, and see if we give a shit!) Thing is, it has gotten a lot of people thinking about the whole superhero movie phenomenon in general, seeing that this is the Year of the Superhero Movie. (In our humble opinion, this Avengers movie is simply a small appetizer for the one that REALLY matters this year: Christopher Nolan’s final Batman movie.)


So, with all of that in mind, we thought we’d get your week started off right with the nerd way by linking out to this article over at about the greatest Superhero Movies of all time. Our choice for number one, is the one they actually have listed at number 8:

No.8 Darkman (1990)

Decades before bringing Spider-Man to the big screen, director Sam Raimi desperately tried to direct Batman and The Shadow adaptations to no avail. Undeterred, he created his own gothic superhero, an honorable scientist whose body was burned to a crisp but who mastered a formula for synthetic human skin that allows him to disguise himself as anyone.

Darkman was a hit and easily the best superhero movie of the post-Batman rush. Comic nerds were so impressed that the character was quickly given his own comic book series, making it a strange reverse adaptation. Boasting a hysterically over-the-top lead performance from the typically restrained Liam Neeson and filled with the giddy dark comedy and the classic monster movie influences that defined Raimi?s work during his Evil Dead days, Darkman is a unique blockbuster and deserving cult classic. An underrated gem that demands attention from even casual superhero movie fans.

A controversial pick? Sure. But get over it. In any case, head on over to the link and then make your opinions known in the comments below.

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