“Old School” PUA Techniques that Still Work

Remember how pick-up artists used to play the game?

Take some lessons from your elders

Canned openers, outlandish outfits and a big bag of tricks made these aspiring lotharios more akin to birthday party magicians rather than playboy studs. During the PUA community?s genesis, gurus and average Joes alike would swap their favorite tactics and techniques online, culminating in the formation of what I consider long, complicated versions of clich?d pick-up lines.

Looking back, it?s easy for us to point out the faults and absurdities in the systems that the ?old school? PUAs taught.? But without them, none of us on this site would even be here today.

Sure, some of the material may be outdated, as today?s students of game focus more on being ?natural? and using positive mindsets while leaving the scripted lines at home, but the present state of the community evolved from this old school style of pick-up.

Theories such as push-pull, kino escalation and the like are undoubtedly still major tenets that most of today?s dating instructors still use.? Going even further, some of the specific tactics and techniques that the gurus of legend used are still viable.

While I don?t condone going out and scripting each sentence of an interaction, sometimes, canned material comes in handy.? Maybe you run out of things to say or, perhaps, are just plain bored with the conversation.? Whatever the case may be, these lines can come in handy when used correctly.

Here are a couple old school techniques that I occasionally use to spice up my pick-ups.

The Best Friend Test

A gambit made famous by The Game author Neil Strauss, aka Style, this technique is used when trying to establish yourself as a flirty yet socially aware guy within a group, optimally when the girl you are picking-up is accompanied by just one other friend.

You: So how long have you guys known each other?

Girls: We?ve known each other for X years (answer doesn?t matter).

You: You two are best friends aren?t you? I can totally tell?

Girls: Haha, yeah? how did you know (or whatever)?

You: I?ll show ya.? I?m gunna give you the best friends test, it?s just one question: do you both use the same shampoo?

Girls: (Look at each other and open their mouths to answer)

You: See, I can already tell, you guys passed.? You both looked at each other before answering, only really close friends do that.

Girls: OMG, hahaha, blah blah blah?

I love this test because not only is it a fun, flirty conversation primer but it also shows women that you are socially aware and can pick up on the body language and little nuances that most guys ignore.

Ring Tactic

This tactic is normally used when a girl you are vibing with is about to leave and you want to enhance the chance of setting up another meeting.

While I can?t recall the specifics of how Mystery performed it, the gist of the gambit is that, when a girl you are talking to is just about to bounce from the venue, you give her the ring you are wearing and tell her: ?This ring is really special to me, but I want you to wear so you can remember me.? But when we meet up later, I expect to get it back :P?.

Now I?m not really a fan of the old school logistics of this technique so I?ve revamped it a bit and added in some roleplaying.

Instead of waiting until the end of the interaction, while I?m in the middle of flirting with a girl, I?ll start roleplaying a bit and tell her that we should get engaged.? After some back and forth banter on the subject, I?ll make a fake proposal and put the ring on her finger and let her walk around the venue with it on.

This technique is so powerful, not because of what you say, but the symbolism that the ring has puts a special image in her mind that makes her want to see you again.? At a recent party I attended, I used this move on a brunette beauty who left the venue completely, but was so intrigued by my gesture that she came back hours later just to find me for a?. well that?s a story for another time 😉 .

There?s no need to take any of these techniques verbatim because you should tailor these lines to be congruent with your personality and style.? But don?t be afraid to take these, or other gambits, and add them to your game.? When used correctly, these seemingly absurd tactics can spice up your conversations.

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