Disney Officially Announces Sequel to “The Avengers”

Looks like the Avengers Initiative will be activated … again. After the biggest opening weekend in North American film history, Disney announced a sequel to the superhero blockbuster ?The Avengers? is officially in development.


Disney CEO Bob Iger let the word out about the ?Avengers? sequel after a record-shattering weekend: the film pulled in a worldwide box office of more $700 million. The sequel, like the first film will be directed by Joss Whedon. ?The Avengers? producer Kevin Feige actually made first mention of a second film at last October?s New York Comic Con,

Whedon went into further detail about the second film in?a recent interview with NME, saying that the sequel will be “?More personal. More painful. By being the next thing that should happen to these characters, and not just a rehash of what seemed to work the first time. By having a theme that is completely fresh and organic to itself.”

If you?re one of the sad saps who hasn?t seen ?The Avengers? yet, the movie stars several of Marvel?s most beloved characters, including Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and the Hulk. Nick Fury, director of the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization recruits these heroes to stop the supervillian Loki from taking over the world. Spoiler Alert: Fury mentions at the end of the film that the Avengers will return if needed. Like they weren?t going to make a sequel.

Whether or not you think superheroes are cool or the pinnacle of geekdom, you can be sure this sequel will be super hyped. Better unbox all those old comics down in the basement and get reacquainted.

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