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Must-Read: Sleeping on the Job

Get your job-nap in

You will not find a bigger proponent of naps around than us. We love them. We’ve already continuously discussed the health benefits of making sure you get enough sleep on a nightly basis around these parts, but making sure to get the full 7-8 hours a night is a tough task in this day and age of working late and getting up early for the job. Which is why we love everything about the afternoon nap. It recharges your batteries for the day, and gets you primed to finish off the rest of it, rather than just walking around from 2-5pm like a zombie.

Which is why today, it is not only our duty, but also our pleasure, to bring you this article from Men’s Fitness about the proper way to sneak a nap into your work day, George Costanza-style. Here is their first tip:

Step #1: Find the perfect location. Look for a relatively quiet space or somewhere that feels private so you can relax. If you?re lucky enough to have your own office, close the door and hang a ?back in 15 minutes? sign. You might also try wearing sunglasses and stretching out in your car or driving to a local park on your lunch break. If dozing in your cubicle is your only option, set your screen saver to flash a spread sheet or other frequently used document to fool passersby into thinking you?re hard at work, and master dozing in the ?chin in hand? position, where you?re leaning over your desk with your head balanced atop folded hands, which could be mistaken for deep thinking. Just don?t drool on your TPS report.

Head on over to the above link for the rest of the tips for how to properly nap at work. And then get on our there and recharge your batteries

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