Must-Read: The Sexual Properties of Pomegranate Juice

Sex juice!

When it comes to sex aids in the realm of men’s magazines and websites, there’s a lot in the realm of “how to turn her on with your hands” and “here’s a sex move that is sure to get that G-spot of hers so good that she will be gladly have sex with you many, many more times, indeed!” The point is, these sex tips generally focus on what you’re doing to her body — which, you know, is great and all — but they are completely missing a realm that you can explore to turn her on. Namely, her diet.

When she’s coming over, or when you’re going out on the town, there are certain foods that have been proven to be aphrodisiacs. Many of them are a bit too exotic to really get away with just nudging them toward her dish, but there is one out there that is so ubiquitous, easy-to-get, and delicious — and could already be in your refrigerator, just cooling until you decide to offer your date a glass. (And, spoiler, since it’s right in the title of this post odds are you already know it.)

So, without further adieu, the great magical, mystical sexual powers of pomegranate juice.


[T]he researchers found elevated levels of testosterone in both sexes after administering consistent doses of pomegranate juice over a two-week span. For both sexes, testosterone is crucial to raising sexual desire.

The subjects saw an increase in testosterone ranging between 16% and 30% and some other useful side effects were noticed, too. Both sexes saw a drop in blood pressure and an increase in positivity as negative emotions decreased. If only the juice could wash away disgusting thoughts of a nude Octomom from our lives, too.

And yes. You should take that as a cue to head on out to the grocery right now and stock up with as much as you can. Happy shopping!

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