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Top Five Movies of Eva Green

Who doesn?t want to be a spy? In what books or movies aren?t spies cool? They travel, they lead exciting lives and they always meet the most beautiful women. Just the words ?Bond girls? bring forth ideas of perfect women and isn?t that reason enough to be a spy?

I can?t believe that the world of spies is that cool. Yes, there are agents out there and they do find out information, but is it in the middle of a circus, a poker game or a black tie affair with plenty of good food and champagne? No. I bet it is more often Holiday Inn, McDonald?s and Budweiser. (Even ?Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy? which seems to want to take the glamour out of the spy business still has plenty of cool locations. I guess you have to go back to Joseph Conrad?s ?The Secret Agent? to find a spy story that leaves no trace of glamour as the agent in question lives with his family and runs a store that?sells pornographic materials. Not in a good way either, more like a creepy uncle way.)

The glorious Eva Green

Fortunately for our ids, when you look at the ?Bond girls? in movies, you don?t see inexpensive hookers from Colombia. The girls that star in the movies have served as pin-ups for just about any man born after WWII. Ursula Andress, Britt Ekland, Carey Lowell, Famke Janssen, Teri Hatcher, Denise Richards, Halle Berry, and finally one of the last ones, Eva Green.

I first found Eva in a smaller movie in which her sexuality blew me away, but it was her turn in the Daniel Craig reboot, ?Casino Royale? that made me think, wow, this is one amazing actress. (Her first film, ?The Dreamers,? just made me think she was amazingly hot.)

To me, once you are a Bond girl, you get placed on a pedestal as a pinnacle of beauty. To run in those mythical circles, you could become a fictional spy or you could just check out Eva?s cool work in her top five movies including her time as a Bond girl.

5. Perfect Sense

This briefly hit theaters in February of this year and comes out on DVD on May 22nd, but based on the? summary, ?A chef and a scientist fall in love as an epidemic begins to rob people of their sensory perceptions,? and the fact that it?s Ewan McGregor and Eva, I put it as number five. Eva?s list of movies is not that long yet.

4. Kingdom of Heaven

Ridley Scott directed this underrated film about fighting during the crusades. It?s not as good as some of his films, but so much better than ?Gladiator.?

3. The Golden Compass

A good friend ranks this movie as his favorite fantasy film. With a cast that includes Ian McKellan (a must in any great fantasy film), Sam Elliot, Christopher Lee and Daniel Craig to go with Nicole Kidman playing a villainess as well as Eva, even having not seen it, I see the greatness.

2. The Dreamers

Picking between first and second movie for this list may have been one of the toughest choices I?ve had to make. Second place goes to this aforementioned first movie where I saw Eva and my goodness, she liked to run around in the buff for director Bernardo Bertolucci in her film debut. I?m not complaining. It?s made her hard to forget ever since.

1. Casino Royale

If you couldn?t tell from the introduction, I liked Eva and her role in this film. Seeing the origins of Bond and the grittier style made it more interesting, though it still suffered from way too much glamour. If you were to find a girl that would make a secret agent resign you can?t do much better than Eva.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Eva Green top five?



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