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Must-Read: Standing Desks


As we’re writing this, we are sitting on the same chair we’ve been sitting on for the past few hours. Now, everything is ergonomic, so we’re not going to (hopefully) get all sorts of carpal tunnel stuff. And everything is pretty comfortable. But by just sitting on our ass for hours and hours at a time — and this is something we do nearly every day, seeing as this is our job and all — it certainly can’t be a healthy way to go about life. Which is why we’ve been giving some extra thought to this whole “standing desk” phenomenon that’s been going on. In essence, a standing desk is this: A desk you stand at instead of sit down. Imagine if you did any kind of typing and web surfing standing up instead of sitting down, and then imagine what that would do to your body. It can only help, right?

Stand up for health

Which is why today we’re highlighting this piece from Men’s Health highlighting the best stand-up desks around. They not only explain WHY the stand-up desks are vital if you want to maintain any kind of fit disposition while having a nearly all-the-time sit-down job, but also go through some to try out. For instance:

We’ve been trying out Ergotron’s WorkFit-A and WorkFit-S ( The WorkFit-A is a cantilevered, space-agey machine with a sturdy, articulating arm that lets you sling your keyboard and monitor around like a desk lamp. WorkFit-S is a more robotic, linear device that smoothly slides your array up and down using an internal system of cables and pulleys. Both retail for between $379 and $500—prices vary depending on what options you add, including additional work surfaces, dual-monitor capability, or laptop trays. The A-model clamps to the rear of your desk, while the S-Model grabs onto the front.

Head on over to check out the rest of the article, and then see if this new “standing desk” revolution is something you’d like to try out.

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