Must-Read: Why Women Bang

What are they thinking?

We’re going to be pretty light on the content today, as we’re still nursing a hangover from the various Memorial Day barbecues, outdoor festival, and parties we dabble in over the weekend. (Plus, seeing as pretty much everyone else reading this is doing the same, sending too many posts out into the ether would be the equivalent of trying to stink-bomb your nearby friend while in the midst of hurricane-like winds.) So we’re just going to post this little study from and be done with it.

The relevance? Well, it’s a little piece about why women have sex, written by a woman, who specializes in studying women. So, you know, there’s some pedigree there. So why are we posting this? Well, in order to actually know how to treat a woman, first you have to know what she wants. And if you’re looking to treat her in the “sexual realm,” then it’s important to know why she wants to have sex in the first place.


She Desires To Be Desired
Sex researchers have long known that women have different kinds of sexual ?needs? than men. Women?s sexuality tends to be responsive, meaning that we respond to sexual opportunity rather than seek it out to fulfill some kind of necessary quota. When women meet someone they are attracted to, their sexual responses turn on. When they break up from a sexual relationship, they aren?t as likely as men to replace that relationship with daily masturbation or pornography. When single women feel ?horny,? it is often an extension of their emotional need for companionship.

See? You’re already looking at sex a bit differently. So head on over to the above-linked piece, take a stroll through the various main reasons that women want to let you in them, and then use that information somehow to your advantage. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

Now, if you’ll excuse us, time to head back to bed.

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