8 Tactics for Developing Unflappable Confidence

Confidence. Everyone wants to possess this charming quality. Confidence in yourself and your abilities directly correlates with attracting women, performing exceptionally at work, making friends, and being a happy person.

Build it!

In today?s world, it is easy to get caught up in the messages all around that promote unrealistic standards of beauty and material wealth. These idealizations can make us feel inferior and downright insufficient. However, it is possible to rise above the mind pollution and develop self-assurance. Here are 8 tactics that will get you well on your way to feeling like you are a valuable and talented individual.

1. Exercise Regularly

This is a big one. Regularly getting to the gym will improve your health and self-image. Pessimism and negative thoughts are two of the largest barriers to self-confidence. Research has shown that exercise relaxes the mind and improves outlook on life.

2. Don?t Eat Junk Food

This one goes hand-in-hand with number one, but it is equally as important. Artificially-flavored, frozen, and dessert foods do not provide our body with the nutrition that it needs to function properly. In fact, they poison the body with chemicals that negatively affect energy levels and one?s ability to concentrate.

3. Start Doing Something Constructive

It?s difficult to remain confident if you spend all of your time on Facebook or watching MTV. Start a blog, read a book, watch a documentary, or teach yourself a new skill. Do something to improve your mind or body. Challenging ourselves gives us a sense of purpose and a better self-image.

4. Talk to People

As much as you may think you?re shy or awkward, I promise it will only get worse if you don?t practice. Face-to-face communication is still the most crucial skill to develop these days, and a lack thereof will lead to missed opportunities and doubts about your value.

5. Meditate on Positive Thoughts

Monitor your thoughts and try to notice and eliminate any doubting or self-loathing thoughts that you may have. Try to replace these thoughts with positive affirmations like I am strong, passionate, creative, and worthy or I accept and love all of myself. The life that you see is a reflection of the thoughts that frequent your mind. Direct your thoughts to a more positive place, and you will soon be amazed at how much more capable and enthusiastic you feel.

6. Be a Good Person

Karma is real. You get back from life what you put into it. If you lie, cheat, steal, or hurt, you?re going to drift through life with few close friends and an abundance of pain and regret trapped in your mind. On the other hand, treating people with respect and kindness will allow you to reap the benefits of stronger relationships and greater fulfillment.

7. Get Enough Sleep

Many people don?t realize just how important sleep is to our outlook. Waking up groggy and exhausted leads to a lack of enjoyment and lack of focus. Make sleep a priority, and you will begin to attack the day and navigate life?s inevitable problems with a better attitude and stronger performance.

8. Don?t Listen to Downer Music

Don?t get me wrong. I am a huge fan of Eminem and Kid Cudi, but I find that when I listen too regularly to artists with an often hateful or depressing message, the themes begin to resonate in my mind and affect my mood. Try to expose yourself to inspirational and encouraging music, and you will be surprised at how optimistic you become.

Parting Words

The items on this list are not necessarily simple or quick fixes. They require dedication, motivation, and hard work just like anything that is worthwhile in life. If you really want to become happier and more confident, you have to take an interest in becoming a better version of yourself.

So go do it. I believe in you, and I promise you won?t regret it. Best of luck!


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