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Top Five Movies of Jennifer Lopez

The career trajectory of Jennifer Lopez will never cease to amaze me. I?m flabbergasted as I look at it now and think of all the promise and tell tale signs of future brilliance and how it all came to an end so quickly. After a four-year absence from movies, that career is just now starting to come back to life. Now, the question becomes, will it ever become good again?

The hot J-Lo

First came her small role on ?In Living Color? as a Fly Girl alongside future big screen stars like Jamie Foxx and Jim Carrey (as well as many Wayans who had already tasted more success.) Then came a great run of movies building to some pretty cool stuff, which I?ll cover below. Then came ?Gigli? with fellow fallen star Ben Affleck while they were in the middle of what seemed like the first major internet covered superstar relationship. (Ugh, I just remembered the term, ?Bennifer.?) While it?s been almost ten years, I look at Jennifer Lopez and still think, ?It?s turkey time.?I don?t think I?ve seen a worse movie in theaters, though I admit, I don?t try anymore. That?s why I don?t go see any more Jennifer Lopez movies. If I start to think about going to a Jennifer Lopez movie, I think of those words and as of right now they make me sick so I don?t leave the house. Then, I plunge those words and the accompanying images out of my mind with her top five movies.

5. Selena

I?m not a big biopic fan and I?m not really a fan of Latin music, but holy Toledo, does Jennifer make this movie worth seeing. It makes me think of Gary Busey in ?The Buddy Holly Story,? Jamie Foxx in ?Ray? or Kurt Russell in ?Elvis? and a great way to show your acting chops.

4. Money Train

Trying to cash in on the charisma that made ?White Men Can?t Jump,? so successful, Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson made this movie and instead of Rosie Perez, it has Jennifer. Let?s just say it didn?t work nearly as well and leave it at that. However, for the first big action movie of a career, Jennifer could have done worse. (Think starring in ?Battleship? or ?John Carter.?)

3. Anaconda

Are there better horror films out there? Sure. Not everyone gets lucky like Jamie Lee Curtis to make ?Halloween? as your first big horror movie. But, a giant snake and Jon Voight make this a very fun camp romp.

2. The Cell

Great? No, but it shows Jennifer?s willingness to take a chance with a movie that has some seriously wild and crazy visuals. ?The Fall? is Tarsem?s better movie, but this one shows his visual style that he uses with a greatly improved story later.

1. Out of Sight

I thought George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez were going to have such great careers after this movie. Well, I was half right. When the rest of the cast includes Albert Brooks, Ving Rhames, Don Cheadle, Luis Guzman and Dennis Farina, I guess it can make anyone look good. It probably could have even worked with ?What to Expect When You?re Expecting? or ?Monster-in-Law.? Well, Jennifer, at least we?ll always have ?Out of Sight.?

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Jennifer Lopez top five?

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