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Root For Yourself

Some grown men paint their faces and wave around gigantic foam fingers to show their support for millionaire athletes. Others get dolled up like members of KISS and spend hours at a time screaming out ridiculous lyrics like ?We’re kissin’ in Dallas and Philly’s goin’ wild.? What compels adults to display such irrational fervor? Confidence. These men are confident in the abilities of their favorite athletes, rock stars, etc. to deliver the goods. They believe wholeheartedly in their heroes, enough to devote a good chunk of their lives to supporting said idols. And there?s nothing wrong with any of it.

Be your own cheerleader

If guys can get that excited about seemingly trivial things like music and sports, why aren?t some as confident in their own abilities? Why can so many get worked up about a football team winning or losing a game, but do so little when it comes to their own lives? Clearly one?s own abilities and talents are more important than some overpaid stranger?s, right? Why don?t some men put on proverbial foam fingers for their own lives? While they might have confidence in a guy?s ability to throw a football, they might not have confidence in their own ability to succeed.

Fan support makes a difference. Athletes and rock stars alike get pumped up when they hear and see fans rooting for them. Having that kind support behind you, you?re more likely to believe in yourself and win the game/put on a sick rock show. The same theory applies to personal confidence. It?d be nice if each of us was followed around every day by a crowd of cheering fans, but that?s unfortunately not the case. Being so, it?s up to us to provide the cheering. If you?re not rooting for yourself, you?re less likely to succeed in your own pursuits.

You don?t have to listen to self-help tapes or slap posters with mountaintops and inspirational quotes up on your wall to get psyched about yourself. If that helps, go for it, but it?s not necessary. Treat your life like you would an exciting game/concert and you?ll be that much closer to winning. If you could be as excited about your life and confident in your abilities as you are when your team makes it to the World Series, you?ll see that you too can be a winner. You might not be a zillionaire quarterback and/or rock god, but you can be a super-successful ?dude.?

You know that morning of the big game/concert when you wake up feeling super pumped? How about getting pumped about each day that way? Whether you?re going out on a date or interviewing for a new job, you?ve got to believe in yourself or things most likely won?t work out in your favor.

Be your biggest fan. Hoot and holler like crazy. It can make the difference between winning and losing. You don?t have to paint your stomach or throw up devil horns, but you can approach every situation with similar excitement.


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About John Brhel John Brhel is a freelance writer from upstate New York that enjoys picking apart life's idiosyncrasies and listening to Huey Lewis & the News.

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