Why Do Women Do That?

The other day I was peacefully lounging in my apartment when I was jolted by the slamming of doors and stomping of feet. My roommate and her fianc? were having an argument, and a pretty intense one at that. After he left for his own apartment, I discussed the altercation with my roommate. She told me a story that had two points of frustration in it.

In the interest of her privacy, I will keep this simple a vague. She deserved to be mad about one event that happen, but her fianc? was under the impression she was angry about something more petty. He was frustrated because such a small issue didn?t warrant such a strong reaction. (It should be pointed out that I never spoke to him; this is what I gleaned off of my roommate.)

The crazy part of this story was that my roommate was no longer angry, but did she resolve things with her fianc?? Did she go over to his place to further explain why she was mad and let him know she was over it? Of course not.
To this end, I have decided to help out the men out there. Perhaps, as a woman, I am committing some sort of treason here. In truth, relationships work well when there is honesty and communication. I don?t care if I commit treason against my gender. Today, you will learn the reasons behind crazy things women do. Let?s start with the above situation.

What’s she thinking?

Why Do Women Get Worked Up Over Stupid Issues?

Chances are, you don?t know the real reason she is angry. Imagine you are having a conversation while watching T.V. You are flirting with each other, pretending to fight over the remote. Suddenly and with a big huff, she walks off in a rage. You are stunned and a little mad yourself. If watching The Bachelor was so important, you would have given up the remote. What gives?

On rare occasions, it may be that the woman really is mad about this tiny issue. If it happens all the time, you may want to rethink your relationship. She probably isn?t that mad at you, but is trying to control you with guilt. The other, more common reason, isn?t much better. She probably knows what you think she is mad about and has decided not to tell you the real reason she is angry. Why? To control you with guilt. Pretty soon, you?ll be apologizing for many things you didn?t know you did wrong. Whatever keeps her happy, right?

Guys, if you care about your relationship, be proactive. Seek her out, sit her down and ask straight up, ?what is the real reason you are mad at me?? In the above example, it was probably something you said during the play fight that triggered the anger. Maybe you were mean about one of her friends, hurt her feelings or laughed at a romantic date idea. I don?t care if you think you know what she is mad about. Find that girl and ask why she is mad. Don?t be surprised if nine times out of 10, you didn?t know the real reason.

Why Do They Say They Are Fine When They?re Not?

Surely this has happened to every man at least once. Clearly this girl is not fine, so why is she trying to pass it off like she is. The reason is simple, but not any less stupid than the answer to the previous question.

Women have watched too many romantic movies. Some of us have been programmed to think men can read minds. You should be able to tell when we are sad, even if we are smiling. You should be able to hear the word fine and instantly know the reason we are sad. The horrible part about the word fine, is it has three different meanings.

Meaning 1: ?I really am fine. Nothing too great to report, but nothing bad either.?
Meaning 2: ?I?m not fine, but am too proud to admit it. Please ask me what?s wrong so I can tell you about it.?
Meaning 3: ?I am not fine and you should know why.?

If the first or second meaning it true, simply asking if they are really fine or if something is wrong should clear things up. This will let you know if they are okay and give them the opportunity to vent if that?s what they need. Beware of the third meaning. You can?t do anything to make this right. If you say something, she will be angry you didn?t already know what she was angry about. If you say nothing at all, she will be angry you didn?t know she was upset. There?s no winning. If this happens too often, you may want to rethink the relationship.

She broke up with me. Why is she mad that I am dating other people?

This is a good question, but I don?t have a reasonable answer for you. This is probably a sign that the relationship between the two of you was destined to fail. She clearly wants to have more control over you than she does. To put it simply, she thinks so highly of herself that she wants you to wallow in sadness. You loved her and will never love another because she is that great.

What she is is crazy. Seriously, take the advice of a woman. Block her from your phone, from Facebook, from Twitter and any other way she can contact you. Do it now before you find another girl who you really like. You?re relationship may have been fine when you were dating. Maybe you had hopes of remaining friends. I?m telling you, there is no reason and no cure for this kind of crazy. Cutting her off is the merciful thing to do. You and her both will be better for it.


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