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Top Five Destinations of San Francisco

One of the interesting California dynamics is the relationship between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Most everyone I know in Los Angeles loves to go visit San Francisco and run around that great city. However, if you mention you?re from L.A., they give you a look of pity like you just said you have a third arm growing out of your asshole. There is not much love of Southern California from our Northern neighbors, but there is quite a bit going back up north. Once you start going up to visit, you want to go back. But, to keep the rivalry going, I?ll say that moving up there would be silly, as it seems to be much better in small bites. Here are my favorite bites.

See a Giants game at AT&T Park

"Everywhere you look, everywhere you look..."

If you didn?t expect to see this one first, you don?t know me very well. Having been to both Candlestick and? AT&T Park, there is not question which one you should visit (unless you hate, with a capital ?H,? baseball.) Candlestick is enclosed, shut off from its environs, shuttered away by itself on a peninsula. AT&T is right in the middle of things and as you sit in the stands between innings, you might catch a glimpse of a?water powered jet pack. If you get to see the Dodgers win while you visit, that?s even better.

Escape to Alcatraz

I may hate the movie ?The Rock,? but that doesn?t mean that the setting on?Alcatraz doesn?t excite me. Looking out from the island to figure out if you could have made the swim to shore in the freezing waters and kicked about in the rough current, it becomes an intriguing daydream. Fortunately it will never be more than that, as the?ferry will be ready to take you back after your tour of the island.

Run around like crazy at Golden Gate Park

Why visit Golden Gate Park? The art museum, the tea garden, the conservatory of flowers and the arboretum are just a few of the attractions in this huge city park. How big? 1,027 acres, which puts it square in the middle of this listing of?urban parks by size. (Look at that list next time you claim your city has the second largest city park.)

Eat, eat and eat at Fisherman?s Wharf

Yes, Fisherman?s Wharf has a cool history and yes, there are seals and sea lions that hang out there. However, all I care about is the food. Crab. Chowder. Whatever seafood happens to be on special. I?m just bringing my appetite and going crazy.

Play a game at the Musee Mechanique

While you?re down at the Fisherman?s Wharf, you can visit the Musee Mechanique. Try not to get creeped out at the music, laughter and images when you first land on the home page of the website. Just block it out and think about the games you can play. There?s an arm wrestling game and my favorite, Robotron 2084.

Any suggestions for things that I missed? Any additional recommendations for the area? Just let me know in the comments.


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