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The 5 Mistakes of Unconfident People

Women, success, happiness, fortune, respect. You are unlikely to attract any of those five items into your life if you are not first content with yourself. Confidence in who you are enables you to take risks, work harder, and gain rapport with those around you.

Get your confidence up

Yet we live in a world that is severely lacking in confident people. You can see signs of this all around you. People divert their gaze, avoid interaction, stutter or mumble in speech, lie or exaggerate to impress people, or induce excessive drunkenness to forget who they are.

These people aren?t satisfied with themselves, and it?s probably because they?re making some of these common mistakes. Avoid these, and you?ll greatly increase your chances of being a confident in who you are.

1. They focus on their shortcomings.

We all have strengths and weaknesses. The difference between confident and unconfident people is what they choose to focus on. If you regularly consider your assets and celebrate your victories, you?ll begin to take more pride in what you?ve done and who you are.

2. They live in the past or future.

They imagine that they will fail at something in the future. They remember the difficult times in the past where they wish things could?ve gone differently. They can?t be confident in the present moment because they aren?t present. Focus on the present moment.

3. They aren?t healthy.

Good luck trying to feel self-assured when you look in the mirror at 400 pounds of fast food and artificial sweeteners. Even if you?re not obese, exercise and healthy eating can make worlds of difference in how you view yourself on a daily basis. If you can?t figure out why you?re down on yourself, try developing an exercise habit and see if anything changes.

4. They don?t fight for anything.

This often stems from not being confident in themselves in the first place. However, it only further diminishes their self-pride. When we work our asses off for something, it allows us to see ourselves in a new light and to see determination and dedication where we once saw apathy and laziness. Work for a cause, and work hard.

5. They surround themselves with unsupportive people.

No matter how much you?re doing to feel good about yourself, it is nearly impossible to gain self-esteem if the people around you are berating you. If this is your situation, consider talking to your friends or those closest to you about the hurtful things they say and why you?d appreciate if they toned it down. If that doesn?t work, try finding new friends altogether.


Take the time to reflect upon your life to ensure that you avoid these mistakes in the future. You won?t regret the boost in confidence you feel. It will allow you to create a life much greater than you had thought possible.

So be conscientious, be confident, and be happy! You owe it to yourself.

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About Gregory Arnold Gregory is a writer, difference maker, and personal growth enthusiast. He believes that by improving ourselves, we find true happiness and improve the world in the process.

Eliminate Your Inner
"Nice Guy" & Pass Women's Secret Tests


This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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