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Clean Up Your Act and Get Confident

There was a time, several years ago, when I lived in a dirty, dank apartment in Philadelphia, worked a dead-end job at a coffee shop and looked like a poster child for malnutrition. Today I live in a nice apartment, make a living as a writer and actually show signs of muscle definition. Needless to say, I?ve cleaned up my act. And I feel a whole lot more confident now than I did in my wretched, down-on-my-luck days in the City of Brotherly Love.

Clean it up

I?m sure there?s more than one thing that irks you about yourself at this very moment. Perhaps you drink like a sailor. Maybe you waste a crap-ton of your existence playing video games. Whatever it is, it?s something you can change if you put your mind to it. These types of negative aspects of your life are holding you back from achieving true self-confidence. These are the types of traits and behaviors that we express when we?re not reaching our full potential.

In order to fully realize the amazing level of confidence that exists within you, you?ve got to clean up your act, that is you?ve got to cut out the bad aspects of your life and replace them with good. It?s not an easy task.

Cleaning up your act isn?t about meeting some kind of status quo. You don?t have to get an office job, tie the knot, and start playing water polo regularly to clean up your act. Neither do you have to get a sports car, hook up with models and become a pro MMA fighter (no matter how awesome that might seem.) Cleaning up your act is about realizing your full potential, not becoming some sort of robot.

I realize it can be incredibly difficult to change certain behaviors and habits, especially when it comes to drinking and certain addictions. Think of cleaning up your act as more an overall ?I?m going to be the best I can be? attitude. The ARMY knows what?s what.

Think of the things that are keeping you from realizing your own potential and make adaptations. You don?t have to become an entirely new person. Just curb the negative aspects of your life the best you can. Say you eat nothing but jalapeno poppers for dinner every night. Cut it back to once a week. Working at the same fast food joint for the past five years? Start looking for a job in-between shifts on the fryelator.

I had to reach a personal low before I cleaned up my act and made positive changes. You don?t have to hit rock bottom to clean up your act however. Make changes ASAP before you?re alone, 600 pounds, jobless and mopping the floors at an adult book store. These types of changes can be physical, social, financial, etc.

Pinpoint your deficiencies make the appropriate changes and you?ll be a spic-and-span, confident dude in no time.

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About John Brhel John Brhel is a freelance writer from upstate New York that enjoys picking apart life's idiosyncrasies and listening to Huey Lewis & the News.

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