Top Five Movies of Olivia Wilde

I?m not sure why I started watching ?House M.D.? It could have been a recommendation from a good friend. It could be that I was bored on a Monday night. It could be that the folks at the Emmy awards nominated Hugh Laurie for the titular role. It could be Robert Sean Leonard and my past fondness for ?Dead Poet?s Society.? I can?t remember, but I know why I continued to watch, and that?s because of the beautiful co-stars like Jennifer Morrison, Anne Dudek and Olivia Wilde.

I think I started to watch when all three of these actresses were on the show, but it slowly pared down to only Olivia. Even if it didn?t happen that way (you can feel free to correct me if I?m wrong) she?s the one that stuck in my mind as she started to appear in movie after movie. I?ll admit that some of the movies were not that strong, but there was something about Olivia on the big screen that kept me coming back for more. With ?People Like Us? opening last weekend and plenty more movies like ?The Incredible Burt Wonderstone? with Steve Carell, Jim Carrey, Alan Arkin, Steve Buscemi and one of the stars of my favorite sitcom ?Community,? Gillian Jacobs, I?m expecting more big things. Until I get to see those movies, here?s a couple that I want to see that star Olivia and a couple that I have that I wouldn?t mind seeing again. (Plus, I?ll always be up for ?The Ballad of G.I. Joe.?)

Olivia Wilde

5. Bickford Shmeckler?s Cool Ideas

I had no clue this movie existed until I started to write Olivia?s top movies. If it can be as cool as ?Real Genius,? then I?ve found a winner. Then again, bad college movies about nerds litter the past of moviedom.

4. In Time

?In Time? sounds like some entertainment executive came up with the premise. ?Ok, this whole aging thing. Can we stop it somehow in the future? Can we stop it before actors and actresses get old and wrinkled, say 25? Perfect.? Now, if they only set the movie in a Los Angeles high school.

3. Butter

Jennifer Garner, Ashley Greene, Alicia Silverstone and Kristen Schaal join Olivia in this movie about competitive butter carving. I can?t believe it?s a movie about butter, carving. (Actually this has just been in film festivals ? the real release date is October. Still, it?s on my list.)

2. Conversations with Other Women

I?m a big fan of Aaron Eckhart (I still think ?In the Company of Men? may have been the most unexpected, dark movie I have ever seen) and putting him with Helena Bonham Carter and Olivia just makes good sense.

1. Tron: Legacy

I don?t care if there are plot holes, I like skintight costumes in a neon world. End of story.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Olivia Wilde top five?

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