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Post-Vacation Fitness Detox

There?s a lot to think about returning home from vacation. On top of unpacking sand-covered clothes and cleaning up cat piss, there?s a little business I like to refer to as ?post-vacation detox.? After a week of lying around and eating disgusting amounts of mozzarella sticks and burgers, your body is bound to be in worse shape than when you left for vacation.

Get over that vacation hangover

Last week I wrote an article titled How I Spent My Summer Vacation (Keeping Fit)in which I gave a few pointers on how to keep fit during carb-heavy, lazy vacations. Unless you really ditched your family and friends and spent your whole vacation working out and eating kale, you more likely than not ate some junk and sat around a good portion of the time. While I did actually follow the tips I gave out in my article, I still feel somewhat more bloated and less energetic than when I left a week ago.

If you?re like me, returning from vacation and looking to get back in tip-top shape, here are some suggestions to help you get back on track and start shedding all those damn (delicious) bacon-wrapped chicken bites:

Do Some Intense Workouts

Sure, you might have run a few miles and done a few sets of push-ups while you were chilling down in St. Barts, but that can hardly make up for a regular workout routine. While I don?t suggest running a full marathon or lifting 1,000 pounds right off the bat, I think putting your body through an initial intense workout is a great way to tell it ?hey fucker, I?m back for business.? I actually accomplished this yesterday by doing six hours of hiking. If hauling ass up steep hills isn?t your thing, however, you can run, swim, etc. It?ll help kick your body back into workout gear.

Eat Like a (Somewhat) Normal Person

Eating less garbage might go without saying, but you?ve really got to cut back on the sugar and fat-loaded grub if you expect to get back in shape after vacation. In the course of a week in Myrtle Beach, I ate pizza, burgers, Mexican (twice), ice cream, and an assortment of boardwalk treats that shall go unsaid (and this was while I was trying to eat healthy!)? If you?re not a diet Nazi like me, chances are you ate a whole lot more tubby foods. Nix it with some fresh fruit, water, and protein-loaded food. Hold off on KFC and Buffalo Bills Brownie Blitz ice cream for a week or two. It will do wonders for your vacation-ravaged body.

Get Some Rest

When you?re downing 44 oz. Cokes and chilling in hot tubs at night, getting to bed at a reasonable hour is often not an option. Sleep is incredibly important in keeping physically fit and having the energy to actually work out. Give your body the break it needs and get a good amount of sleep at night. You?ll probably be beat as it is, so getting to sleep before midnight shouldn?t be a problem.

Work out, eat right and get some sleep and you?ll be back in decent shape in no time. Just go easy on the boardwalk fudge, dude.

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