Top Five Destinations of Minneapolis

I still remember the first time I traveled to Minneapolis. I went as part of a larger trip to go and paddle the Boundary Waters and along the way, my friends and I stopped in Minneapolis. The two exciting sites we saw tell you a little bit of how much things have changed because we went to the Mall of America and to a Native American casino. (I know that is not the common terminology, but I know the phrase ?Native American casino? feels much better when I write it.)

I think both places are a rite of passage. I recently went to a mall for the first time in a long time on a weekend night and tweens still walk all around in endless circles. I still remember those nights. The night feels exciting because there are so many shops and so many people and the possibilities seem endless. The Mall of America for my younger self would seem like my local mall on amphetamines and containing my excitement would be nigh impossible.

Head to Matt's

Then there is being able to play blackjack outside of your parent?s basement amid all of those faces that you?ll later recognize as lost. Instead of opening all the windows and chomping down on your illicit stogies, you can jauntily grab a seat and lose five dollars a hand instead of the fifty cents back home. The adrenaline flows into you no matter what the cards bring.

Now, suggesting a casino in the middle of Minnesota or a mall seems quaint. The mall?s time is past and Native American gaming has become so ubiquitous, I bet that 95% of the people in the U.S. have to travel no more than four hours to get to a casino. So, I looked around the internet to find intriguing places next time I pass through Minneapolis. These five seem like a good start.

Go to Matt?s Bar and eat a Jucy Lucy

As I started my examination of interesting places, I found?this piece on what makes Minneapolis unique. My culinary radar shifted to overdrive. Cheese cooked inside a burger? Then the picture of?Matt?s Bar sealed it. One look at the inside and I knew that starting my day with a Jucy Lucy would be the perfect start to a trip.

Tour the Mill City Museum

When I hear the words ?ruins? my mind travels immediately to Rome and the foundations and building remains from that city?s millenniums of history. Within the first sentence of the description for the?Mill City Museum the word appears and the pictures confirm its correct use. How often do you get to learn about flour?

Shop at The Smitten Kitten

The Smitten Kitten seems like one heck of a sex shop. The featured product is the Tor II Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring by Lelo, there?s a blog with fiction, sex advice and interviews and they have in-store functions coming up in August to take erotic things you read into the bedroom.

Walk around the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

After being inside for the first three items, I feel like my traveling self must break free and roam. The?Minneapolis Sculpture Garden provides a chance to get out as well as to enjoy some cool art. If you want to venture back inside for other pieces, you can see architect Frank Gehry?s ?Standing Glass Fish? in the conservatory with your eyes.

Attend the annual Meatloaf Dinner and Street Dance

I think part of growing old means starting to like meatloaf. What a better way to end a trip to Minneapolis than a? dinner of meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Of course, for only $5, it will probably sell out, but then you can find your own meatloaf and just go to the free street dance afterwards.

Any suggestions for things that I missed? Any additional recommendations for the area? Just let me know in the comments.

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