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Top Five Movies of Claire Forlani

Have you ever wanted to like a movie so much that you ignore gaping problems and make excuses for it that to any rational person sound crazy? Me neither, but if I did, I would have done it for ?The Amazing Spider-man? this past week. If I would have done it in the past, it would have been for two of Claire Forlani?s movies, ?The Rock? and ?Meet Joe Black.?

Gorgeous Claire

?Meet Joe Black? had Brad Pitt just a couple years after his two great roles in the movies ?Seven? and ?Twelve Monkeys.? With Anthony Hopkins, ?The Edge? from David Mamet, ?Remains of the Day? and ?The Silence of the Lambs? were still fresh in my mind. Claire had to have been my favorite actress crush at the time. I think I stood by that movie for quite some time before I finally threw up my hands and admitted my bias.

I didn?t have nearly that struggle with ?The Rock.? I convinced myself over and over that Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage were cool and this all made sense until I heard the words, ?Winners go home and fuck the prom queen.? At that point I mentally threw up my hands and gave my brain the rest of the movie off. Fortunately there is an easy list of five of Claire?s movies where I didn?t have to fake my love.

5. Green Street Hooligans

As Elijah Wood tried to distance himself from Frodo Baggins and Charlie Hunnam probably started to discover the roots of his role in ?Sons of Anarchy,? this story about soccer fandom and its culture got ok reviews. For me though, stories about the violence of fans at sporting events only seem to get seen when they have to do with soccer and not any of the major sports in the U.S., and for that glimpse, I like it.

4. Basquiat

This movie boasts such an impressive cast of heavy hitters like Benicio Del Toro, Christopher Walken, Dennis Hopper, Gary Oldman, Willem Dafoe and star Jeffrey Wright. Once you add in Claire and Parker Posey, it?s hard to believe the movie only lasts 108 minutes.

3. Mallrats

Of all of Kevin Smith?s movies, this is the one for me that holds up to multiple viewings. It?s fun, it?s breezy and the pursuit of Claire into a televised dating game makes all the sense in the world.

2. Northfork

I still remember seeing this movie and I still remember coming out of it not being sure of what I saw. I can?t tell you much about it, but I know it looks great and made me feel while I watched it.

1. Mystery Men

Remember that whole part at the beginning when I mentioned a superhero movie and wanting to like it so much that I didn?t care about anything that might be wrong with it? I hope you have forgotten it, because I am here to tell you that ?Mystery Men? is a perfect piece of cinema. Stars like Ben Stiller, William H. Macy (?I shovel well. I shovel very well.?), Geoffrey Rush and Greg Kinnear make this perhaps the best superhero group in a movie of all time.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Claire Forlani top five?

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