Must-Read: The DeltaFit

We are not big fans of fad diets around these parts. If you use the word “special diet” on us, our eyes tend to immediately glaze over and we have to use all of our restraint to punch the speaker in the face. Yes, there are certainly foods out there that can improve your health and make you feel better. But those can be implemented in a “life change” kind of everyday diet … not one with a number of days stuck right in the title. A diet should be about the rest of your life, not just a few months before you need to fit into a tux.


But fitness systems, well, that’s a different story. We enjoy that kind of thing around here, because they tend to work different parts of your body. So when this little piece about a new system put out by the people of Men’s Health called the DeltaFit is, well, it made us interesting to say the least. Here’s a little bit from their article all about why you should buy it:

Like classic circuit training, you?ll do one exercise, rest, and then do a different exercise. But unlike the typical circuit-training approach?which is often eight basic exercises that each target one major muscle group?you?ll use athletic-based movements that work multiple muscles, from multiple directions. Movements like the one-arm burpee with a row, the dumbbell reverse lunge and swing, and the levitating pushup (all of which you?ll find in Speed Shred). Yet these exercises are still organized in such way that they don?t ?compete? with each other.

A simple way to describe this is that you might do an upper-body exercise followed by a lower-body exercise. As you?ll see in Speed Shred, though, there are far more imaginative ways to use this strategy to create a routine. But the benefit: ?By working more muscle in every exercise, you?ll build greater total-body strength, while torching calories at a blistering pace,? says Gaddour.

Take a gander at the link above to read the rest. So, then, readers: It’s your call. Are you going to give this a try? Or do you think there’s not enough bang for the buck here? Let us know in the comments.

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