Neil Strauss’ Who’s Got Game – The Party Game

With all of those typical games we are accustomed to seeing at parties?Pictionary, Scattergories, etc.?it became pretty apparent that it was time for a switch up. And that?s exactly what Who?s Got Game brings to the table.

Who's got it?

Loosely based on the PUA industry and Neil Strauss? New York Times Bestseller The Game, this game was designed to bring out that inner party animal, even for those that aren?t accustomed to seeing that side of themselves.


The game begins with each player choosing a nickname the others must call them throughout the game, as well as selecting a partner they will cooperate with at various times. If you want to add to the entertainment, I suggest choosing the nickname for your partner as it?s always funny to hear what someone else comes up for you. There was no better nickname than ?Jose Cuervo? for my tequila obsessed partner, and the alias even stuck while we were out partying afterwards.

After a scorekeeper is selected, each person takes turns being the leader and drawing from the Scrip Cards. These cards include various directions ranging from cold reading cards that test each others? personalities, to Storytelling cards which are physical challenges (think charades on steroids). The Storytelling cards happened to be my personal favorite and I even busted out the iphone video camera a few times to film my boozed-up friends acting like they were trying to win an academy award.

The winner of the game is determined after 12 scripted cards and a Final Challenge, and have no fear, you do not necessarily need ?Game? to bring home the trophy as my friend who as yet to get laid in 2012 is the perfect example. Let?s just say that winning Who?s Got Game was the highlight of his night and leave it at that.

The Review

Overall I think the game is perfect change-up and it?s extremely easy for anyone to just pick up and play without having to learn the rules.

When you?re sitting around pre-gaming with your friends, or need something to spice up the party, Who?s Got Game? can do exactly that. It can be especially useful for those shy people that have a tough time enjoying themselves. Rather that sitting on the couch being antisocial, they?re up and about goofing around with their friends and who knows where they night is going to go from there.

So if you?re getting tired of Beer Pong, Flip Cup, Kings, Asshole and all of those other party games out there, you know its time for some Who?s Got Game?

You can learn more about the game here. You can purchase the game through the official website as well as through Amazon, here.

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