Must-Read: Are You Dating the Wrong Woman?

So many times in these spaces we talk about how to pick up girls. Where to go, what to say, what to say when they say a specific thing, what to do when they do a specific thing, what kinds of dates to go on, etc., etc., etc., and on and on and on. But what we never really talk about here too often is what to do when you actually GET the girl … and then things go horribly wrong. Almost 95% of this whole site, and any site that deals in “manly” stuff or “game” or anything like that all talks about what to do in order to get a girlfriend, but nothing about what happens if that girl isn’t the right one.

Time to bolt?

So today we’re going to highlight this little-talked-about aspect of the dating life by linking to this article over at AskMen.comthat goes through a list of 5 things that you need to look out for in order to know if you’re actually dating the right girl after all. One of the things to look out for:

The Dance-Around-The-Bill Rule
You?re paying. It?s pretty simple. If you have invited some girl to join you somewhere, it seems pretty obvious to me that you better step up and handle the bill. So if you?re on the lower end of the income meter, choose something a little more modest, because the waiter is dropping that bill on your side of the table.

But here’s the kicker: We know we should pay, but that doesn’t mean she should expect it. I know it seems like a circular argument, but a girl who doesn?t even look at the bill when it comes is coming from a vastly different place than a girl who makes an offer. She is allowed to tell her friends you?re a complete jerk if you let her pay, but you are entitled to the common courtesy of her offer. The fact is, this part is less about her sending you a signal of her appreciation of your gesture, and more about her basic perception of relationship dynamics and even the way money factors into it. There are dating etiquette rules, and for me, if this one gets missed, things are off to a rocky start.

Big stuff. Head on over to the above link to read the rest of this important information.

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