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Top Five Movies of Marion Cotillard

I got to go down to Comic-Con again this year and had a good time, but two things made this year a bit more special than normal. The first reason was ?The Walking Dead Escape,? which was a chance to run through Petco Park as a zombie or a survivor ? you can search for it on the web, or check out the beginning here. Secondly, it marks the start of a weeklong building of anticipation for ?The Dark Knight Rises? starring the lovely Marion Cotillard. There was an exhibit featuring the many incarnations of the Batmobile. There were costumes, tchotchkes, freebies and promotional materials everywhere. This Thursday comes screenings of the first two parts of the trilogy at my local multiplex. Then, on Friday at midnight, comes the concluding episode. If you?re a fan of Christopher Nolan?s series, it couldn?t be a better week.

Glorious Marion

But, I come not to praise Nolan, but to praise Cotillard. Not only is she beautiful, she has serious acting chops as proven by her Academy Award winning role in ?La Vie en Rose.? She can be in the smaller biopics (smaller for the U.S.) but she can also be in blockbusters like ?The Dark Knight Rises? which will also be available in IMAX theaters.

Can you tell I?m excited?

Until then, to prepare my palette, here are five movies from Marion to keep my mind mesmerized until midnight Friday morning.

5. A Very Long Engagement

Combine Marion with another great French star in Audrey Tautou and you have my attention. You have my attention for the over two-hour running time and probably could have gotten away with even more.

4. La Vie en Rose

Of course since Marion won an Oscar for this it had to be on the list. Plus, it?s a story about a girl that grew up on the streets, got affiliated with mobsters and got tried for murder. For a movie about a dame that can sing, it sure has a lot of intrigue.

3. Big Fish

I like the fantastic and one of the best persons to construct a fantastic world is Tim Burton. The adventures and tall tales of this movie make me want to hit the road and discover all the nooks and crannies of this world and the people that reside there. I dig his ?Batman? world, but the next director has him beat.

2. Inception

Maybe it was too much of a head-trip for some and not enough for others, but while I sat in this movie, I could not look away. Traveling in dreams or time or other places that seem impossible let me see new possibilities of the world. (Just like multiple universes.)

1. Midnight in Paris

Speaking of time travel, I think that really helps this story of creativity and envy. We probably all have dreamed of a place and time to explore. Traveling back in time to see Paris in all its glory, and to see Marion in Paris at any time, seems like another place and time to add to my list.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Marion Cotillard top five?

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