Must-Read: Chemistry Will Make Your Life Better

So, maybe you didn’t hear, but the season finale — the LAST season finale — of the Best Show on Television, Breaking Bad, aired last week. And, well, we have it stored on our DVR so we have yet to see exactly happened. (However, that certainly didn’t stop us from posting fake spoilers on our various Internet social networks, just to mess with people, because that’s how we get our jollies.) But what the whole thing DOES have us a bit more interested in is the world of chemistry! Specifically, how small chemistry-based tweaks to your life can make them better. And, well, we noticed that Men’s Health wrote an article about it, meaning we don’t have to actually write the article about it ourselves!


Instead, we can simply link to the article itselfand point you towards it. It will change your life. For example, this little bit about how to make your cheap wine taste better:

Decant Red Wine in a Blender (Seriously)

You can soften the texture and improve the flavor of inexpensive red wines by pouring the bottle in a blender and Frapp?-ing it for 30 seconds, recommends Nathan Myhrvold, Ph.D., in his book Modernist Cuisine. Wine contains tannins, which are organic compounds that add stringent or acidic flavors to your favorite reds, explains Pandell, who is also the author of, a website that explores the science of wine. Letting the wine aerate, or ?breathe,? exposes the tannins to oxygen, which breaks down the harsh flavors and improves the mouth feel of young or acidic wines, Pandell says. The blender agitates the wine, which helps oxygen reach and break apart more of the tannins, Myhrvold writes. Just don?t try this on expensive wines: The tannins in pricier bottles are carefully balanced and essential to the wine?s flavor, Pandell says.

Head on over to the above link for some more tips. And then get down on your knees and thank Chemistry already!!!

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