Top Five Movies of Rosemarie DeWitt

I?m just a guy that twice a week writes about movies and traveling for the corner of the web that is I enjoy researching each of these actresses and locations to find new information and to shill for things that I enjoy. This week, I look at the career of the lovely Rosemarie DeWitt who stars in ?The Watch? which garnered unfavorable publicity because of its original title ?Neighborhood Watch? and the tragedy involving Trayvon Martin.

The great Rosemarie

Tragedy has been on my mind these last couple of weeks including, but not limited to, Daniel Tosh and his rape ?joke,? all the news regarding the Sandusky scandal, the flood of information regarding the situation in Syria and the shooting at the midnight screening of ?The Dark Knight Rises? in Aurora, Colorado.

I know these things aren?t even close to the same thing, but they have one thing in common, they shouldn?t happen once. Seventeen-year-old kids should not get shot, women shouldn?t be raped, children shouldn?t be abused, people shouldn?t be oppressed and killed, and people in a movie theater shouldn?t be murdered. Controversial statement, I know, but in the age of the internet where people dissect every online written word in millions of different ways, sometimes the mundane expresses thoughts best.

I think we all look for different ways to express ourselves. Find any pop culture phenomenon and I will find people that agree with me or that will berate me when they don?t see the same way I do. Movies so often serve as that catalyst to find a discussion as a way to connect and explore all of our different views, though certainly not the only catalyzing agent. I listen to Louie CK or read the words of?Jessica Redfield and smile and get back to thinking about the beauty of words in the hands of wordsmiths. Then I return to my keyboard and try to explain what I think about Rosemarie?s movies.

5. Margaret

I loved ?You Can Count on Me.? ?Margaret? is Kenneth Lonergan?s next movie, 11 years later. I want to read more about all the turmoil that went on behind the story, but because I still haven?t seen the movie, I?ll wait to read anything and just hope that those eleven years mean nothing.

4. Cinderella Man

A flawed movie, but the acting chops of Russell Crowe, Renee Zellweger, Paul Giamatti and Rosemarie make up for most of the flaws.

3. Afterschool

There are just a few comedians that make me laugh so hard that I worry about my next breath. Andrew Daly proved himself easily in that realm this past Friday the 20th at the UCB in L.A. as he portrayed the dead author the Marquis de Sade. His presence in this movie moves it into the top 3.

2. Your Sister?s Sister

Just barely still in theaters in the Los Angeles area, the combination of Lynn Shelton, who made ?Humpday? and Rosemarie, along with the praise from?the A.V. Club, puts it in the penultimate spot.

1. Rachel Getting Married

This movie still ranks as one of my favorite looks at weddings. (Does it say something about my opinion of weddings that ?Melancholia? also ranks as a favorite?) Rosemarie plays the titular Rachel and helps to give us a bit more rounded picture of Anne Hathaway?s Kym.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Rosemarie Dewitt top five?

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