Accomplishment: A Serious Confident Booster

Have you ever laid out wood flooring? If so, you know the epic torture that is cutting, hammering, crowbarring, re-cutting, re-hammering, and doing it all over again because the last piece you put down started to splinter. It sucks. But you know what? Once you?re finished and you look down at that sweet Adirondack Maple, you realize all that work and involuntary cursing was worth it.

Get out there and accomplish!

I have very little experience doing manual labor. I?ve painted, put up some walls, and spackled like a mofo, but don?t really know my way around it all without somebody saying ?Hey, don?t put your hand underneath that blade.? You might be thinking ?Big whoop, so you put a floor down. I do that every day before breakfast.? If so, good for you carpenter dude. My point here isn?t to discuss the difficulties of laying down inexpensive wood flooring at an uncle?s home, but rather to point out the inner game growth hormone more commonly referred to as ?accomplishment.?

When?s the last time you accomplished something that you thought was beyond your limits? I?m talking about something that you didn?t think you had in you. It could be something as huge as acing a course you were failing all semester to something as stupid as scoring a girl?s number at Pizzeria Uno. Big or small, these triumphs can really have an impact on your inner game. Knowing that you can actually do things that were once an impossibility (to you) is a huge confidence booster.

In order to accomplish the seemingly impossible, however, you need to actually go for it. You miss every shot you don?t take, right? If you?re not confident enough in yourself to begin with, you?ll never know if you could have beaten the odds. You?ll never know if you could have landed that sweet job, wooed your dream girl, and/or won the local wing eating contest. Not only that, but you?ll miss out on the confidence boosting that comes with success.

I walked down into that basement over the weekend not knowing how the hell that floor was going to look like by the time I walked out. I did, however, go in believing in myself and whatever shred of construction know-how I actually had. Luckily, I didn?t saw off my hand. With a little bit of patience and a whole lot of sawdust and knee pain, I walked out of that basement a wood flooring success story. It felt good to know that my uncle had a nice new floor. Even better, I got a little bit of a confidence boost.

Whether or not you?re flooring a basement, opening a new business, asking a girl out, or huffing down wings this week, go in thinking you?ll come out on top. That confidence will help you actually succeed. And once you do succeed, you?ll be even more confident in the process. Whatever you do, just don?t let your uncle play his smooth jazz CD?s while you?re working. Not the best pump-up music.

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About John Brhel John Brhel is a freelance writer from upstate New York that enjoys picking apart life's idiosyncrasies and listening to Huey Lewis & the News.

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