Why Women Don’t Have “All The Power” When It Comes To Dating

Why Men Have the Power in Dating

One thing I hear a lot of guys say about the dating game is that “women have all the power”. This is a common refrain amongst guys who have been unsuccessful and have become jaded. They’ll tell you about how a good-looking woman can date anybody she wants and how you have to have some amazing attributes in order to have a chance with the desirable woman.

Take back the power

This drives me absolutely crazy, because it’s just not reality. I know a lot of women who would be considered nines or tens, and I tell you, these girls do not feel like they have all the power AT ALL!

The reason that guys think women have all the power, is because they personally feel powerless. But rather than taking a look at themselves and asking where this powerless mindset is coming from, they act like it’s some sort of irrefutable law of the universe that they are being oppressed by. So, here are a few reasons why women don’t have all the power… Hopefully by internalizing these truths you’ll come to see that dating really is an open and fair playing field…

REASON #1) Just Because She’s “Hot” Doesn’t Mean She Can Get Any Guy She Wants

Many guys wrongfully assume that because a woman is what they may consider a nine or a 10 that she automatically can have any guy that she wants to be her boyfriend or husband and this is just simply not the case. This misconception is based on the false assumption that because you think she’s hot and you want her, every other guy feels the same way. The fact is that guys who are good at dating and have a lot of options with women don’t just go gaga over every cute looking girl. Personally I’ve known dozens and dozens of women considered “hot” that I wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole because there is something about their personality that I just couldn’t deal with. I’m not saying that if I was drunk, I might not fall victim, but sober these “hotties” aren’t good enough for me, because I have other women I would rather be spending my time with.

REASON #2) women get dumped and cheated on all the time

One of my biggest a-ha moments came when I realized that women I considered goddesses can get dumped just like the rest of us. You might think because a woman is sexy and has a cool personality that any guy that got to be her boyfriend would want to keep her around forever. But what you’ll find is that sometimes a few months after you’ve started dating a girl who initially seemed perfect all of a sudden she’s doing things that are bugging the shit out of you. Or, maybe you find somebody else you like even better and decide that it’s time to move along. Now if you don’t have experience dating desirable women you might not know that this happens but believe me it does! It seems like my girlfriend is always getting tearful phone calls from her friends when the guys they’re seeing end it with them.

REASON #3) things shift over time

When you are young guy (like under 25), it can seem like the girls you know have a ton a guys after them, and you don’t have nearly as many girls trying to get with you. One of the reasons for this is because guys of all ages are attracted to younger women in their early 20s. But as you get a little bit older what you’ll find is that you’ll become more in demand by women of all ages. It’s kind of unfair for women actually, but as they get into their 30s and 40s they get less and less attention from men even if they’re still looking great and are awesome women all around. You also find that younger women will be very easy for you to pick up on because you’ll be a little bit more worldly and established and you can leverage those attractive attributes quite easily.

One area where many guys seem convinced that women have all the power is in online dating. But again this is really not the case. Sure women get a lot more e-mails typically than guys do on dating sites. But if you know what you’re doing you can blast past all of your competition and have so many women interested that you get to be the one who picks and chooses.

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