Top Five Movies of Julie Delpy

Every once in a while, I come across an actress in my research and the first thought to cross my mind is, ?How do I not know more about Julie Delpy?? It?s an especially strange thought when I research Catherine Tate. However, because I am researching Julie this week, the thought makes much more sense.

I read about Julie?s movies and I love the people involved. I read about her movies and I like the stories. I read about the movies and can remember the movie and somehow her beauty doesn?t immediately come to mind. I remember the movies in theaters and wanting to see them, but maybe another movie looked better at the time or a date wished to see something else or I ended up going to see live music instead. I don?t know how it happens, I just know that occasionally it does and when it does, my Netflix queue always gets longer. (The only thing that grows faster is my Amazon wish list, just because I can put more things on it.)


So, for this list it?s mostly what I?ve found that has intrigued me for a while, just started to intrigue me or is an example of why don?t I remember Julie. After watching these five though, I?ll have no doubt Julie will easily come to mind.

5. L.A. Without a Map

I really love L.A. and the interesting way it weaves into pop culture. Though?this piece basically covers music and baseball, it also gives just a hint of L.A. in the 70s, and it?s just the most recent thing I?ve seen. Not only would this movie give a glimpse of 1990s L.A., but also a peek at a much younger Tenth Doctor, David Tennant, who joins Julie in the fun.

4. White

?Blue,? ?White? and ?Red? have been on my list for a number of years because I hear cool things about these glimpses of France and the skill of director Krzysztof Kieslowski. However, the presence of Julie, Irene Jacob and Juliette Binoche also help to make them very appealing.

3. Killing Zoe

The?trivia for ?Killing Zoe? drew me into the idea of watching this one. The location inspired the script. Wonderful. It?s the magic of some places. Buildings, fields, mountains, houses and many other things can just bring creativity to life.

2. Before Sunrise

As a traveler, I meet many people. Sometimes it is just for a week, a couple of days or even just a brief moment. I met a girl at the Venice train station as I waited to travel to Vienna. Unlike the characters in ?Before Sunrise,? she had to go to the airport to return to the states. We didn?t get to spend that one-day together, and Jessica and I just had the brief connection as we traveled our own ways.

1. Broken Flowers

It?s mother fucking Bill Murray, if I may corrupt the quotes of RZA and GZA. Need I say more?

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Julie Delpy top five?

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