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4 Proven Ways to Never Meet a Genuine, Good Girl

A lot of guys I know tend to get really caught up in one-night flings with the first lassie willing to hop in the sack. They go to parties and bars, running the same charm, waiting for a temporary mistress to buy what they?re selling.

Get a good one!

This is all fine and good if you?re into the thrill of random hook-ups. Many dudes are, and I?m not judging. The problem with this way of life is that it eventually has to change if you want to meet the real thing, an amazing girl with whom to settle down.

Now don?t get me wrong. I?m 21 years old. I?m not searching for a wife just yet, but I do think that it?s human nature to eventually want a life partner. I definitely do. If you?re at a point where you want to attract a real relationship, here are 6 moves to avoid.

1. Act like someone you?re not.

Guys put on all types of personas to attract quick hook-ups, but if you?re looking for more, you really do have to be yourself. Attracting a girlfriend with a fake identity will never work out in the end. If you?re not comfortable in your own skin, you?re not ready for a real relationship anyways.

2. Don?t listen to what she?s saying.

Serious relationships are founded on a connection between personalities. When initial physical lust fades, this is what remains golden in the best couples. You?re never going to know if you?re really attracted to her personality if you?re not listening to what she?s saying. Listen, consider, respond thoughtfully. Simple as that.

3. Never talk to women outside of the bar.

This one is actually a real pet peeve of mine. I hear friends of mine making insulting claims like, ?All women are sluts,? but they never meet or interact with girls outside of a bar scenario. I?m not saying every girl who goes to a bar is a whore, but seriously, a lot of legitimately great girls won?t be found there. So keep an open mind and meet girls elsewhere.

4.? Communicate with ladies by insulting them.

This is a classic move of bro kings trying to land a sexy bedmate for the evening. Many ladies in a party environment will respond to demeaning or sexist comments because of deep insecurities. If you want to land a honey to keep around long-term, you better respect her because if she?s worth hanging onto, I promise she respects herself.

Parting Words

That?s that. Heed the wisdom, or end up perpetually single yearning to relive the glory days. If you avoid those four mistakes, you will drastically boost your probability of discovering true love. And yes men, true love does exist, and I don?t feel like a ?pussy? or a ?fag? for admitting it. Now go be gentlemen, dammit.


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