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Bar Scene Connection

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In order to take your game to the next level you need to be able to consistently connect with the women that you meet. While there is no exact way to connect with every single girl, there are a few techniques you should use to make sure you and your lady friend are headed in the right direction.

Creating Tension

The most engaging conversations we have with women are those that have a certain degree of tension. You?ve already established an attraction for each other and now are eagerly asking each other questions and awaiting answers as you try and test if you are compatible with each other. During this phase it is extremely important to keep the conversation entertaining so she doesn?t think you?re exactly like every other guy out there.

The easiest way to create this healthy tension I?m speaking of is to respond to every question she asks you about yourself by hinting that you noticed she?s into you. Let me give you some examples.

Girl: What do you do for a living?
Response: I just met you, and you already want to know where I work. (Sarcastically) Out of all the questions in the world that you could possibly ask me, you want to know what I do for a living. I hope you?re not shallow.

Girl: Do you have a girlfriend?
Response: Would you be disappointed if a said no?
Girl: No, I?m just asking.
Response: I don?t have a girlfriend. I?d ask you if you have a boyfriend, but I?m pretty sure you just made it perfectly clear that you don?t, and I like that.

By immediately demonstrating to the girl that you noticed her interest in you, she?ll keenly watch what she says to you the rest of the night. That?s why you should poke fun of her the very first time she shows interest. This tension that we intentionally create keeps her engaged in the conversation and does wonders for building a connection.

Must Be on the Same Page

The most important piece of advice I can give to guys trying to connect with girls is to make sure that when they?re escalating with women, they do at a pace that the girl is comfortable with.

If a guy is thinking kiss, and he?s flirting and touching the girl like it?s about to happen while she is just trying to get to know him, it?s going to be a turn off. If the guys gets too far ahead if himself the girl may even walk away. And notice how its action based. Men have sex on the mind from the first moment we meet women, we just can?t act on these thoughts until we establish a connection first.

It?s true for any relationship. The moment that one person in a relationship, whether it?s the man or the woman, starts acting in a manner that isn?t in line with how the other person is feeling is when things start to feel awkward. That?s why you need to keep the pace:

1. Opener

2. Initial Conversations

3. Create Healthy Tension.

4. Establish ?Us Vibe?

5. Escalate with Leading Conversation

6. Embrace the firs kiss and ?connect.?

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