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Must-Read: Some More Of These Here Sex Tips

Sex tips! We haven’t run a handful of sex tips in awhile — and you know our own opinion about them in general — so we decided to take a stroll through the various tubes and what-not of the interwebs to find out where they’re telling us to stick it, and with what force, these days. Most of the ones we uncovered weren’t the greatest — including one that told us it was sexy to cook up some pasta sauce, stick that pasta sauce on a lady’s nipple, and then lick it off … which just seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen — but there were some intriguing bits that actually could legitimately help us with the act of fornication.

Hooray for sex tips!

For instance, these from Men’s Health are, well, kind of helpful. Among the tips they are offering us today:

Dance Her Pants Off

Home cooking not cutting it? “Take her ironic dancing,” suggests Nicole Beland, the Men’s Health Girl Next Door. Go somewhere ridiculous: senior night at a ballroom-dancing club; line dancing, if you both hate country music; a ’70s disco joint; an ’80s club playing a sickening mix of Dee-Lite, Salt-N-Pepa, and George Michael. “Dancing really well at any of these places would actually be more embarrassing than if you just did the robot,” says Beland. “The two of you will goof around, make fun of everyone else, and end up having an amazing time.”

She’s a serious dancer? Make merengue your mission. “It’s the easiest Latin dance to learn, and it’s sensual and energetic,” says Yuri Datsyk, owner of the Midtown Fred Astaire Dance Studio, in New York City. J.Lo didn’t marry Marc Anthony for his looks, after all.

Head on over to the above link for the other 11, and then try them out tonight and see if it gets you the sex you deserve and require!

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