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Top Five Movies of Kristen Bell

Not only does ?Safety Not Guaranteed? have the awesome Aubrey Plaza from the great ?Parks and Recreation? it also has a part for the lovely Kristen Bell. I first found Kristen while watching the great series ?Deadwood,? then the second season of ?Heroes? (when I still held out hope that it would continue to be awesome), then a couple of episodes of ?Party Down? and finally I realized that I needed to watch her starring role in ?Veronica Mars? as I went back and watched all three seasons on Netflix.

Kristen Bell

What I?m trying to say is that Kristen Bell turns up in some pretty awesome TV shows. All she needs is an episode of ?Community,? ?Mad Men,? and something to do with Joss Whedon and she?d have maxed out her cool TV credibility.

But, we?re here to talk about movies and though Kristen has found some pretty fun stuff, in my eyes it hasn?t met the coolness of her TV work just yet. However, there are five pretty decent movies that add to the tally of her movie career as she tries to catch the TV side.

5. Couples Retreat

This movie stars several more cult TV stars. Peter Serafinowicz starred in ?Look Around You,? Jason Bateman came from ?Arrested Development? which is about to return to Netflix with new episodes and Malin Akerman comes from ?Children?s Hospital.?

4. Fanboys

Going the TV route again, this movie features Jay Baruchel of ?Undeclared? and Seth Rogen of ?Freaks and Geeks.? However, the whole idea of this movie and traveling to get to see ?Star Wars: The Phantom Menace? before its release date fascinates me. Why? Because of the quality of the movie, I expect a very unhappy ending.

3. Scream 4

Alison Brie of ?Community? and Hayden Pantierre of ?Heroes? join Kristen in the fourth installation of this horror franchise. Since I?m not a fan of ?True Blood? and haven?t yet watched ?Friday Night Lights? (though it is on my list) I can?t put Anna Paquin or Aimee Teegarden in the previous sentence.

2. Reefer Madness: The Musical

The cult TV stars don?t leap out at me from this one, but rather the idea of taking a really, really, really bad movie and making a musical. (I don?t think I can truly emphasize how bad this movie is with enough ?reallys? without you getting tired of repetitive reading.) Given the musicalization of everything (including good things like ?The Wire?) maybe ?Howard the Duck: The Musical? will follow soon.

1. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

I am not sure there would be something worse in this world than doing a penis dance and getting the relationship axe. But, as far as comedic possibilities go, it?s fantastic and a great leaping off point for this movie.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Kristen Bell top five?

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