How To Rock At Foreplay

You?ve probably known it yourself or you?ve probably had someone tell you that women love foreplay. For us guys, it?s easy, we just want to get straight to the action and if we could, we would probably do that all the time but, as pleasuring the woman is often part of our agenda, foreplay is absolutely necessary. As much as you hate it, here are some fantastic tips that will help you fill her up with desire so much so that she?s the one that wants to rip your stuff off!

Also, no two women are the same. Meaning – the things you did to your ex and she loved, will probably do nothing to the next girl. Keep this in mind and remember EXPLORATION is the key to success here. Just pay attention to her reactions (sounds, body movement etc) and judge your next moves.

Ok so on to the real stuff?

Exposing the skin

Taking the clothes of a woman is a very important part. This clearly marks the beginning of what?s to come and how you play it should translate into everything else afterwards. There are 2, very obvious, possibilities here: slow like a snail or fast as a race horse. If it?s your first time with this girl, take a random guess, but next time, try the other one. This will give her variety and will also allow you to see what she likes.

Slow like a snail

You need to be sitting down for this (bed, chair, couch etc) and she needs to stand up with her front towards you. Remember, slow is key here so deal with her top slowly but don?t take it off completely (unless it?s one piece). Now go under her shirt and grab her middle part while constantly kissing her tummy then, take off her top completely.

Do it right

Next, slowly deal with the clothes on her legs (pants, skirt etc) and let it drop down. Now proudly look at her amazing body while complimenting her on how great she looks and how turned on you are. Women always need reassurance, especially at this point. Some of the hottest girls are full of inhibitions in bed and this is well worth it considering what?s going to happen in a short while.

Now open your lap and tell her to sit down in front of you with her back towards you. Take off her bra and gently grab her breasts with your hands. Gently play with them for a while, just enough to get her excited. Don?t try to take of her panties, leave them on as she will go crazy wondering why aren?t you taking it further.

Fast as a race horse

This one is a lot easier. Act as if you can?t control your urges and desperately want to see her amazing body and quickly take of all her clothes (don?t rip them off as she might need to use them). Look straight into her eyes, give her a long sensual kiss then tell her to take your clothes off, slowly.


This is one of the most, if not the most important part of foreplay. We?re not just talking about making out here, you should be kissing every single erogenous spot on her body. The tools (lips, tongue, teeth) are at your disposal so make sure you use them wisely.

Some great places to start are her ears, eyelids, neck, throat, shoulders, breasts, stomach, back, inner thighs, feet (I personally can?t do this one) and obviously her mouth. Leave your inhibitions at the door and be ready to do anything that will please that woman.

When it comes to making out play it with real skills, don?t just shove your tongue down her throat. Get close to her mouth; let her come that little bit closer, touch lips, lick her lips gently, then slowly open your mouth while continuing to play with the lips. When it comes to tongue action, wait for her to find your tongue and then try to mold your movements with hers.

There?s no specific technique here, she will like a guy that can mold with her, it?s the same with dancing. If she?s bad but you manage to keep her pace, she will feel like you?re the best dancer in the world. So keep that in mind when you?re playing with your tongues. Finally, make sure you keep your lips soft, if you have big lips use them, if you have smaller lips puck them so that they are bigger and softer.

Know What She Likes

As I?ve mentioned before you need to explore her in order to see what she likes. No two women are the same and this is why on the first few encounters it?s harder to please her, but that?s what makes it fun. The key here is to try all those erogenous spots that women have and see which ones make her feel good and which ones bother her.

Listen closely to her reactions, may it be moans or actual words that express something. When you find something that works, keep with it and see her build up with desire.

Sex Talk

Many people don?t do this but it?s a fantastic tool. Think about this, we as men get excited by porn (or her naked body), quite simply ? visual stimulation. Instead of watching porn, women read books. Those books fire up their imagination and that?s what get?s them excited. So, instead of showing her your erect penis, try to make her think about things that will excite her, better yet ask her what to do to her. This way she will think about it and then feel it?a fantastic way to turn women on.

So you can say: Tell me what you want me to do right now / Do you want me to go inside here? (while touching her private area with your finger) / Do you want me to kiss your thighs? ? use your imagination for more.

The point of this is to make her ask for it, to build her up with so much desire that she just wants to feel it in. This drives women insane and it?s a fantastic way to please them.

Use your biggest asset

Obviously you can do a lot of things with your mouth, fingers etc, but you can also use that one tool that she doesn?t have, that tool she?s been waiting for you to use.

Every heard of the perineum? That?s the spot located between her lady bits and it?s incredibly sensitive. You can use your biggest asset to stimulate that area as part of the foreplay. Most women love it but as always it?s important to try it first as no two women are the same.

Also, you can hold your penis with your hand and use it to rub her clitoris. To tease her even more, continue to play around her lady bits but don?t do what she wants. Let her build up with desire and then ask her, ?What do you want me to do?? ? you obviously know the answer but you?ve got her to a point where you?re making her ask for it?

And that?s how you get her excited during foreplay. Remember, don?t do these things like a ROBOT (kiss mouth, touch boob, bite neck etc) keep a natural flow to everything and don?t forget to explore and listen to her reactions.

This is the sort of stuff I discuss on my blog and in the free eBook I give out. If you want to increase your success with women, visit ThePlayerGuide ? a place where the dating mindset is thrown out the window in favor of more direct and fruitful methods of meeting and seducing women.

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