Top Five Movies of Ari Graynor

?Celeste and Jesse Forever? is now showing in limited release and will open wide later this year. ?10 Years? has a release date of September 14th. What two things do these movies have in common besides the fact that neither has been in my kitchen? I want to see both of them and they both star Ari Graynor.


What makes me want to see these movies? Well, first, like all the actresses that I profile, Ari is a babe. Second, check out the rest of the cast lists. ?Celeste and Jesse Forever? has Rashida Jones of ?Parks and Recreation,? Eric Christian Olsen, or ?tiny nipples? if you watch ?Community,? and Rob Huebel of ?Children?s Hospital.? ?10 years? has a couple cool actors, but many other babes like Rosario Dawson, Kate Mara, and Aubrey Plaza.

But, getting to see both of those movies is a few weeks away at least. Until they open, here are five other movies that feature Ari.

5. For Your Consideration

Though just listed as ?Young PA,? Ari?s screen credit comes between frequent Christopher Guest collaborator Michael McKean and ?30 Rock? star Scott Adsit. No matter how big Ari?s role, at least you get to see the third best Christopher Guest directed film. (Say what you will, but I put ?Waiting for Guffman? fourth. Never have understood the comedy of that one, but it is almost time for me to give it another shot.)

4. Whip It

Ari plays ?Eva Destruction? along side ?Smashley Simpson? (Drew Barrymore), ?Bloody Holly? (Zo? Bell), ?Maggie Mayhem? (Kristen Wiig), and ?Rosa Sparks? (Eve). I can watch roller derby movies and TV shows (like on ?Psych?) just for the clever roller derby names.

3. Nick and Norah?s Infinite Playlist

Maybe this movie is a little too cute, but you could probably say the same thing for Kat Dennings, if that was possible in a girl. The presence of her and Natalie Portman in ?Thor? made that one of the best superhero movies since ?The Dark Knight.? I hope she and Natalie return for the sequel, and if they can add Ari, all the better.

2. Lucky

The IMDB page?s summary reads simply, ?A wannabe serial killer wins the lottery and pursues his lifelong crush.? How this movie pulls that off intrigues me to no end. Add in Colin Hanks from one of my older favorites (?Orange County?) and frequent guest star on one of my newer favorites (?The Thrilling Adventure Hour?) and I have a must see.

1. Game 6

As a baseball fan, I understand this dilemma. When the Cardinals played the 2004 World Series against the Red Sox, I almost paid $500 to watch Game 5 in person. (After the performance of the team in games 1 and 2, I decided against the expenditure. I decided wisely.) In 2006, I would have stayed in Chicago O?Hare airport to watch Game 5 at an airport bar, but I needed to be on my flight to back to Los Angeles. (Long story.) I didn?t make the jump that Michael Keaton?s character did for Game 6 in 1986, but maybe that?s because the Cardinals haven?t had that run of frustration. Yet.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Ari Graynor top five?


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