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Be The “Better Man”

Say some guy just called you a pussy. What do you do? If you?re a pants-pissing coward, you retaliate by calling him a pussy or something worse. That?s immature behavior better suited for a kid.

Be a better man

It?s a hell of a lot easier to give someone ?a taste of their own medicine? than it is to stick to your guns and be the better man. Stooping down to someone?s level in order to get even or prove oneself isn?t what a confident man does. A confident man could care less about what some douchebag thinks. He brushes off insult and pigheadedness like it?s nothing.

Surely you?ve come across a guy who, lacking in confidence and out to prove his ?manhood,? who attempts to tear you down one way or another. Maybe you?ve had a classmate who treated you like shit. Maybe you?ve had a jealous ?friend? who teased you about your career, girlfriend, lifestyle, etc. We?ve all come across people who mask their weakness by acting ?hard.? How you deal with such people says a lot about your own character.

It?s easy to bring down others in an attempt to feel better about yourself. It?s also easy to display the same lack of confidence by responding in a similar fashion.

I know this guy. Let?s call him ?Sean.? He?s got a shaved head and writes for a living. Well, one of Sean?s acquaintances also happens to be a writer. Most likely out of jealousy, Sean?s acquaintance has made fun of Sean?s writing on numerous occasions. More than once, Sean has wanted to retaliate by making fun of his friend?s writing. Being the better man, however, Sean has resisted and ignored this guy. By not stooping down to this guy?s level and by not going out of his way to ?prove? his worth, Sean remained the better man.

The inferior, weak person wants you to respond to his actions. The weak person feels powerful the more attention you give to his feeble attempts. By not responding in kind, you show that you don?t give a damn about his attempts to disarm you. You show just how little this guy really is.

Now, I?m not saying you shouldn?t ever react to such weak people. Just do so without bringing yourself down to their level. By holding your ground, you show just how much more of a confident man you are than these overgrown man-boys.

We?re men, right? We may still play Nintendo games and watch ?Saved by the Bell? on occasion, but we?re beyond schoolyard bullshit, aren?t we? Childish behavior should disappear when your voice starts to change and you ditch your Ghostbusters bed sheets.

Unfortunately, not every guy gets this message. Unfortunately, we all have to deal with weak morons on a daily basis. Stand your ground and hold your head high, however, and you?ll be the better man. You?ll find you feel a lot better about yourself when you walk tall and ignore childish bullshit.

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About John Brhel John Brhel is a freelance writer from upstate New York that enjoys picking apart life's idiosyncrasies and listening to Huey Lewis & the News.

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