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Must-Read: Leaving Your Comfort Zone


Everybody does it

Here at TSB, we are big proponents of, every once in awhile, pulling up the ol’ stakes from wherever it is you’re settled and finding a new home. (With the exception of those of us who already are family’d and wive’d up, in which case, it’s certainly best to check with them before, you know, moving.) It’s a way to not only see a new city — and, therefore, help you determine what exactly you like/hate about it, which will inform your opinion about where to move from here on out — but it will also give you a whole new social circle to hang out with, new bars to drink at, new groups of women to try out your various games on, new parks to hike at, and overall just lead to a more fulfilling life.

The problem is: It’s really hard to leave everything and everyone you love behind. Really. That’s the toughest thing. But, the good news is that, in this day and age of technology and smart phones and Skype and what-not, everyone is really closer than they’ve even been before. So it’s easier to keep in touch.

Which is all a long way of introducing our link today to, which is tips from an expat about why leaving everything behind you is so great. For example:

It Will Make You A Better Man

Ultimately, the thing about moving has less to do with the destination, and more to do with the internal and external obstacles you must overcome in order to take that first step. Once you have proved to yourself that you are able to think clearly and rationally in the face of the aforementioned fears, and that you trust yourself to adapt intelligently to new and challenging situations, you keep that capacity for good. You take it home with you, and it’s probably the most valuable thing you’ll bring back. You should make sure it is, actually — those dogs can smell anything.

Head on over to the above link to check out the rest.

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