Daniel Craig to Play James Bond at Least Two More Times

Spoiler: James Bond doesn?t actually die in the upcoming ?Skyfall.? How do I know this? Well, Daniel Craig?s set to reprise his role as the M16 agent at least two more times.


According to entertainment website ComingSoon.net, Daniel Craig has signed on to star as British spy James Bond in at least two more films. He?ll play 007 in the franchise?s 24 and 25th films, due for release in 2014 and 2016 respectively.
Craig, the franchise?s sixth actor, has so far filmed three Bond films: 2006?s ?Casino Royale,? 2008?s ?Quantum of Solace,? and ?Skyfall? (due for release in early October.) He currently trails Pierce Brosnan by one appearance. With the release of the 24th and 25th Bond films, he?ll only trail Sean Connery (five total appearances) and Roger Moore (seven total appearances.)

Who?s your favorite Bond? Do you like Craig?s style or are you more into Timothy Dalton?s cheesy 80s performances? Is Connery your man or does George Lazenby?s one appearance as Bond (?On Her Majesty’s Secret Service?) just dominate everyone? If you need help breaking it down, this YouTube video lists all of the Bond actors so far and even includes audio clips from every Bond theme so far. I?m partial to Brosnan, but that?s probably only because I love the ?GoldenEye 007? N64 game so much.

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