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5 Productive Things to Do if You’re Bored

People complain all the time about being bored. ?Oooohhhh, I?m soooo bored. There?s nothing to do.?

Cure your boredom

My response to this attitude is, ?Snap out of it, fool!? The fact that people are lazy and spoiled enough to be upset because they ?have nothing to do? is fucking irritating.

There are less fortunate people all over the world who?ve hardly experienced an idle moment in their life, and you?re going to sit on the couch and complain because you can?t think of anything better to do than stuff your face with frozen pizza? Give me a break.

Here?s the deal. There is always something productive you could be doing with your time. Ever think about trying to do things that are good for you? Here are 5 great ways to spend the time you spend complaining about being bored.

1. Read a book.

Hey, there?s a novel idea (pun intended)! If you?re often bored, I assume you?re not an avid reader. Most people think they just don?t like books. I say phooey on that. You?re just not used to reading.

Start picking up a book regularly. Give it a chance. Seek out something that will actually captivate your interest. Reading is a wonderful way to pass time and use that highly developed brain you?ve been turning to cottage cheese.

2. Go for a walk or run.

Exercise, for God?s sake! We?re among the most obese countries in the world for a reason. Exercise doesn?t have to be torture. Take it slow and start doing it often. Pretty soon, you?ll enjoy it.

Exercise clears your head, relieves stress, makes you happier, builds your confidence, and lets you live longer. If you need more reasons than that, you should probably stop reading now.

3. Pick up.

Clean up that pigsty you call your house. Organize some shit. And then clean up after yourself when you make a mess to keep it that way.

Having a clean, organized space frees up our minds. Clutter and filth, on the other hand, wear on us and drag us down. Cleaning doesn?t have to be a chore. Turn on some music and let the act of cleaning absorb you. It can be therapeutic.

4. Contact a friend.

How many people do you love but haven?t talked to for a while? Grab your phone and call a long lost friend. Or, dare I suggest, write an old fashioned letter to someone.

Letter-writing is a lost art, and you will make someone?s day when they receive handwritten words in the mail. Staying in touch with people is a way of showing them you really do care.

5. Start a side project.

If you really have that much time on your hands, starting a side project or, if you prefer, picking up a new hobby may be just what you need to take up some of those extra hours.

I can?t stress enough to do something you?re passionate about. Start a blog, pick up an instrument, learn to program, design t-shirts, build long boards, volunteer.

The Key to Never Being Bored

The key to never being bored is to have made a habit out of doing things. Once you?re in the frame of mind where you?re always thinking of beneficial, fulfilling ways to spend your time, you?ll never be bored again.

So, please, don?t ever say, ?I?m bored? again. Get off your ass and make something happen!

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