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Top Five Movies of Halle Berry

When I do most of these lists, the five best movies jump out at me almost immediately, or in other cases, the four best or three best or two best and I have to scavenge around for the rest. Halle Berry poses an interesting problem: do I either list the five ?best? movies, the ones with the best performances and creative storytelling; or the five ones that I liked ?best.? Of course with any either or statement, the truth will lie in the middle somewhere, but just for fun, let?s look at some of the movies that won?t make my top five.

Gorgeous Halle

?Bulworth? is easy to eliminate because white guys rapping in a poor, unironic fashion is one of those clich?s that makes me want to throw fruit at the screen. It?s a ?comedic? performance that has become dated like white people playing other ethnicities (see Rooney, Mickey). I?m not saying that white guys can?t rap, just Warren Beatty at the very least. ?Monster?s Ball,? ?Things We Lost in the Fire? and ?Introducing Dorothy Dandridge? have great performances by Halle, but the subject matter (recent widows, executions, drug overdoses) make them a bit to heavy for my taste if there are other options. ?X-Men: The Last Stand? and ?X-Men? while decent superhero movies don?t really go beyond that label. The same can be said for ?Die Another Day? as far as James Bond movies go.

So, with those prefaces, here are the five that strike that balance of fun and interesting and make me want to watch Halle again and again.

5. ?Last Boy Scout?

Let?s just say I?m a sucker for Bruce Willis action movies and leave it at that, because I don?t want to try to explain how and why I remember this movie so fondly.

4. ?Swordfish?

Really, I just remember two things about this movie. The first is Halle pulling down the mirror to sun her face and revealing her breasts would stand out in any young man?s mind. The second is another clich? that I hope dies out soon, that of a ?hacker? furiously typing and narrating his actions as he does so. I think ?magic computer expert? as a plot device needs to die out soon.

3. ?Executive Decision?

Speaking of moments that I remember, the surprise I felt at the death of Steven Seagal?s character in this movie still resonates. Even though it?s hard to believe how popular was as we look back now, killing his character just showed major balls to me. As for the rest, it?s a pretty fun action movie, mostly due to the likeability of Halle and Kurt Russell.

2. ?Jungle Fever?

A great movie, and though Halle?s part is small, seeing how you can take such a beautiful woman and make her a believable ugly crack addict seems like a profound lesson to me.

1. ?X2?

The best of the Bryan Singer X-Men movies, probably because of the reduction of the role of Rogue (a character I?ve never liked in the comic) and a banding together of mutants to fight off humans because of their differences, a storyline that X-Men writers have always done well.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Halle Berry top five?

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